Logistics Management

Losing Sleep Over Compliance?

Rest Easy with Watch List Screening from WatchDOG® Elite

Automated Sanctions Screening

Logistics Companies Restricted Party Screening

As a logistics management company, you’re required to screen for potential sanctioned parties, both onshore and offshore. Failure to comply with OFAC sanctions, BIS lists and other international trade compliance regulations for importers and exporters can result in civil and criminal penalties, carrying fines from $10,000 to more than $1 million.

Leverage CSI’s government watch list and OFAC compliance software to properly frame, execute and track potential matches and eliminate false positives.

Do you have the tools to ensure a compliant logistics and supply chain management business? Contact CSI to learn more about how our watch list screening software can help.

Denied Party Screening for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In addition to other international lists, the master list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) contains more than 5,000 entries, including variations on the names of individuals, companies, vessels and banks all over the globe. To stay compliant, importers and exporters should provide auditors with ample documentation of their risk strategies. CSI can help your business screen against many of these lists so you stay ahead of regulatory expectations and avoid costly fines.

We offer:

  • Real-time screening at point-of-processing that’s integrated into existing fulfillment workflows
  • Seamless integration with internal operations systems to cross-check and verify possible matches and return feedback
  • Disruption-free scanning so customers completing transactions and awaiting goods and services receive timely delivery