MiContact Center Business

MiContact Center Business is a customer experience management platform that offers a 360-degree view of business customer interactions with your institution, including support calls, sales emails and social media interactions. It collects and analyzes customer feedback from various sources, maps the customer journey, identifies areas for improvement, and implements actions to enhance the overall customer experience. With actionable insight and smart automation, MiContact Center Business is designed to boost your customer experience and keep your business customers “sticky.”

Key Features

Customer Service Solutions
  • Skills-Based Routing: Direct customer service issues to the staff member with the best experience and skills for a quick resolution.
  • Communication Tools: Communicate with customers via voice, chat, SMS, Email, fax and more.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Enable self-service IVR with speech recognition and text-to-speech.
  • Wait Time: Announce expected wait time and position in the queue to customers awaiting service.
  • AI Assistance: Support customer service staff with an AI-powered virtual agent chat as well as voice bots.
Customer Journey Management
  • Customer Service from Anywhere: Leverage omnichannel case management.
  • Organization and Calendar Assistance: Schedule callbacks or enable them in real time.
  • Workforce Management: Use built-in workforce scheduling with an optional workforce management feature.
Data and Visibility
  • Real-Time Dashboards: View standard and customizable dashboards and historical reports.
  • CRM Integration: Connect data to CRM via REST APIs and toolkit with customization options.
  • Additional Data: Add interaction recordings, quality management and speech analytics as needed.


  • All-in-One Simplicity
    Everything you need to operate a world-class customer experience center. Increase customer satisfaction scores, improve first contact resolution rates and elevate net promoter scores.
  • Design with Ease
    Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create sophisticated interaction flows for all media types without complex programming.
  • Effortless Administration
    Deploy in minutes instead of days; provision and manage users from all business units through a single administration interface, all without the need for IT resources.
  • Increase Productivity
    Agents manage simultaneous interactions on various channels through a unified web-based desktop or work directly from within the CRM. Fewer applications means greater agent productivity. Optimize resources – give agents and supervisors the tools to make informed decisions and provide prompt service.
  • Infinite Extensibility
    Integrate seamlessly with existing systems using our REST APIs and easily add non-traditional channels like WhatsApp, WebRTC video and IoT events into your workflows.
  • Deliver omnichannel customer experiences
    Give customers the freedom to engage with you on their preferred device and provide consistent customer experience across all media through the entire customer journey.