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Empower Employees to Use Social Media … huh?

  • by Kacyn Goranson
  • Jul 22, 2015

When it comes to your financial institution and its social media participation, you probably make the most assumptions about one key audience—your employees. You may assume that, because your employees love working at your company, they’re naturally talking about all of your company’s cool features on social media. 

But you know what they say about assumptions, right? And in reality, most employees don’t even know it’s okay to post about their company on social media, unless they’ve been told, trained, told again and (if they’re lucky) encouraged to do so.

Why Do You Need Your Employees to Be Influencers?

Who knows what your financial institution is up to more than your employees? No one. Your employees know the benefits of your accounts, products and services; they also know where other employees volunteered last week (and they probably have pictures). Plus, your social media team simply can’t know everything that’s going on at your company, at all times—all while staying in touch with your customers, industry events and news teams.  

If you can empower your employees to tag your company in pictures, videos and updates on social media, these stories about your company will get out to the world. You’ll not only reach potential customers and add a human element to your company’s perception, but also get better social media results and happier employees.

How to Get Your Employees Talking

Getting your employees to use social media seems easy, but how can you empower them to talk about your financial institution on social media?

  • Don’t block any social networks from employee computers—make sure they know it’s encouraged to participate responsibly on social media
  • Train employees on each of the social networks; teach them how to tag your company in posts, how to tag each other, etc.
  • Revise your company's social media policy to include more recommendations than restrictions (think best practices instead of “do not do …”)
  • Host employee Twitter chats or other social media contests 
  • Reward those who do it best—recognition doesn’t have to be monetary or a day off; social recognition or a written thank you card can go a long way

Once your employees are getting your brand into the social media world, others will follow. Search engines will pay more attention, industry thought leaders will see your name more often, customers will share their stories and prospects will become more curious.

Social Media Success Story

Get a bank’s perspective on making social media successful by reading a special guest post, “3 Banking Social Media Best Practices … From a Bank,” from Susan Guess, SVP/Marketing Director for Paducah Bank. 

Then tell us about your social media success. How are you starting the social conversation with employees? Tweet me at @KacynG or at @CSIsolutions, and tell CSI how you’re getting your employees talking!


Kacyn Goranson is the digital marketing manager for CSI. She oversees the company’s digital marketing efforts, which includes our social media presence. Connect with her at @KacynG or on LinkedIn.