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Leverage the Retail Potential of Treasury Management Products

  • by Greg Aumann
  • May 19, 2016

Commercial customers are increasingly using technology to more effectively and efficiently manage their money and process payments. And by leveraging treasury management products and cash management solutions, those customers can save time and reduce employment expenses associated with managing the financial aspects of their businesses.

But finding a way to educate and promote the benefits of treasury and cash management services to commercial clients at your bank can feel daunting.

How Commercial Customers Benefit from Treasury and Cash Management Services

Treasury management services allow your commercial customers to focus energy and resources on what they do best—managing business operations and growing their companies. 

That’s because for commercial clients, there is a strong focus on blending and integrating how their companies currently operate with areas like accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger. These customers want to be as productive as possible while spending as few man-hours as possible completing these types of treasury tasks.

Whether you offer sweeps, ACH origination, ACH positive pay, check fraud detection or remote deposit capture, with the help of treasury and cash management solutions, your bank enables commercial customers to automate and increase efficiencies in treasury operations.

Marketing Treasury Management Services at Your Bank

Driving awareness and educating commercial customers on these types of services is an important component of any bank’s treasury management strategy. Since many commercial clients aren’t even aware of what’s available to them, banks must proactively market these tools in order to drive usage.

Awareness and education opportunities at your bank could include: 

  • Lunch and learn events
  • Monthly or quarterly product spotlights
  • Targeted email campaigns

Sometimes, the full “suite” of treasury management products and services your bank offers can feel overwhelming to certain commercial customers. In this case, you may choose to focus on a particular product or service and inform the client base over a period of time, instead of pushing the entire product suite all at once.

Conversely, for a bank wanting to aggressively promote cash and treasury management services, its strategy often includes hiring a dedicated treasury professional who’s focused exclusively on marketing these products and services. Understanding commercial clients’ needs and objectives is a key component of helping businesses achieve their goals through treasury and cash management products.     

Illustrate How Treasury Management Products Promote Efficiency and Growth

To effectively promote treasury and cash management services at your bank, you must help commercial customers understand the key benefits to their companies—regardless of their lines of business or business sizes. 

And though not every treasury product and service is right for all commercial customers, by illustrating how these tools help them create efficiencies that drive business growth, you begin to leverage the retail potential of these products and services.


Greg Aumann is the application product manager for NuPoint® ACH. He is responsible for ensuring the application remains competitive and compliant in today’s rapidly changing ACH environment. Greg also holds accreditations as an AAP—Accredited ACH Professional and CTP—Certified Treasury Professional. In addition, Greg is an active participant of EPCOR’s Education Committee working to help provide guidance, direction and support for EPCOR’s Payments Education offerings.