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Creating the Optimal 21st Century Branch – Upgrade Your Tech to Update Your Branch

  • by Computer Services, Inc.
  • Apr 27, 2017

Modernizing a bank branch with a new look and feel can be quite expensive. But according to Three Strategies to Transition Bank Branches, BAI suggests several ways for financial institutions to make cost-effective technology changes for big impact.

The addition of innovative technologies combined with even the simplest layout and design changes can create an open space in which the universal banker (the banker who “specializes in everything” as referenced in part one of this series) can assist any customer with almost any request–using the latest technological tools. Here’s how:

Integrate Handheld Smart Devices

Placing smartphones and devices in designated branch areas provides a self-service option for mobile and online banking users. It’s also a great way to help less technical customers get comfortable completing their transactions through these channels.

In addition, today’s most sophisticated core banking systems feature tablet integration, allowing the universal banker to move freely around the branch while maintaining access to all core processing services.

Complement Staff with Advanced ATMs

According to CenterState Bank, Interactive Video Tellers (IVT) should be featured in branch design to boost staff or to help serve customers during peak traffic times.

These enhanced self-service terminals allow customers to complete banking services well beyond the traditional ATM and could be worth the investment, as this technology handles many traditional teller functions, which allows the universal banker to truly focus on the customer.

Meet Customer Demand for Instant Gratification

No matter their age, today’s customers are more tech savvy than ever, and it’s because so many of them have access to smart devices. As a result, customers have become accustomed to digital technology and apps that give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Banks need to start following suit in their branches. According to BAI, banks should consider introducing solutions that give more freedom and control to their customers, including teller wait alerts, online appointment setting and pre-order and branch fulfillment.

In the first part of our Creating the Optimal 21st Century Branch blog series, we offered a glimpse at how branches can serve today’s banking customer through the universal banker role. In part two, we explored how redesigning the branch layout can create positive interactions and energy. Incorporating the technology tips above will give you the transformation trifecta you need to bring your branches into the 21st century.

To learn even more about transforming your bank branches to meet your customers’ needs, download our free white paper, Branch Strategy Determines the Future of Your Financial Institution.

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