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We know your time is valuable and sometimes our webinar schedule doesn’t fit yours. That’s why we record our live sessions and make them available so you can view them on your own time. Check out these on-demand webinars.

EMV webinar part 1

Can My Bank Benefit from Contactless EMV?

Contactless cards are on the horizon. Find out how to prepare your bank by attending CSI's free Contactless EMV webinar series. Watch part 1 of our webinar series to learn how contactless EMV card security measures up to traditional EMV chip cards, while affording consumers a quick, seamless checkout process and generating additional revenue for your bank.

Key learning points:

  • Contactless EMV vs. Contact EMV security
  • Consumer experience–who uses contactless cards?
  • The growth opportunity of contactless EMV cards–more transactions, more interchange


Matt Herren, Director of Payment Services, CSI

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