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Should banks offer treasury services for free? Why is the Bank Secrecy Act such a problem for community banks? Join CSI's Andy Goldstein and Laura Sewell as they discuss the latest fintech trends and topics with banking executives, industry experts and thought leaders.

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Ep. 10: Going Inside a 21st Century Branch

According to a recent study from consulting firm McKinsey and Company, an average of three bank branches have closed every day in this country since the financial crisis of 2008. In order for branches to remain a productive strategic component, banks need to change the way customers perceive the branch. And that starts with a solid optimization strategy. One bank that is taking branch optimization to the next level is HOMEBANK of Palmyra, Missouri. We spoke to two executives from the bank to learn about the benefits of their branch optimization strategy.


  • Caly Cramsey, chief financial officer and director of customer support, HOMEBANK
  • Joe Thomas, chief executive officer and chairman of the board, HOMEBANK