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From core bank processing and managed services to regulatory compliance and watch list screening, CSI offers a variety of dynamic technology solutions to financial institutions and a variety of other industries. 

Take a closer look at CSI and our suite of products and services by watching these videos. 

CSI's Digital Banking Platform

CSI’s Digital Banking platform provides a seamless user experience across all devices, allowing your customers to do their banking wherever and whenever works best for them. Watch this video to learn more about everything that is included on our digital banking platform and how these solutions integrate into your core system.

CSI CRM Banking Software - Sales & Referral Tracking

The CSI CRM Sales & Referral Tracking Modul, fully embedded into NuPoint®, brings a sophistication to CRM in banking. This module, located within CSI’s CRM solution, allows your bank staff to easily capitalize on marketing efforts and revenue generating activities by creating opportunities and referrals, directing them to the appropriate staff and easily tracking and managing interactions through the sales pipeline. Watch this short video to learn more.

Studio Bank | Integrated Solutions Beat Bolted-On Products Every Time

As a boutique de novo in Nashville, Tennessee, Studio Bank wanted to be a thoroughly modern institution, and needed a technology partner that could help make this happen. After talking to several institutions over $1 billion in assets, Studio Bank chose CSI for its core processing and digital banking needs. Watch this video to learn why the bank prefers CSI’s seamlessly integrated solutions over those that are just “bolted on” to the core. You’ll also see how Studio Bank got comfortable using NuPoint®, CSI's core processing solution, months before the bank opened in 2018 to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

Studio Bank | Launching a De Novo with CSI

Studio Bank, a de novo boutique bank founded in 2018, is located in one of America’s fastest-growing cities—Nashville, Tennessee. The bank’s mission is to empower Nashville’s creators, the ones who seek to create something from nothing. And to help build the bank from the ground up, Studio Bank chose CSI as its technology partner. Watch this video to learn how CSI’s core and digital banking solutions, as well as its level of attentive customer service, help Studio Bank accomplish its goals while proudly remaining “a bank with a personality.”

HOMEBANK | Taking Business Banking to New Heights

HOMEBANK in Palmyra, Missouri, emphasizes business banking and lending to support local businesses in the community. As a result, the bank has enjoyed significant organic growth in the past year. To continue the upward trend, HOMEBANK is working with CSI to create a seamless business banking app that will enable customers to bank on-the-go and manage their businesses from any location or device. Watch this video to learn how HOMEBANK’s partnership with CSI provides flexible solutions that close the gap between customers and the bank.

HOMEBANK | Branch Optimization Fuels Digital Banking Growth

Recently, HOMEBANK in Palmyra, Missouri, optimized its branches to enrich customer relationships and encourage growth. As part of the optimization, HOMEBANK brought its digital products out of the back office and into the lobby, where customers can use test accounts to interact with the products in a live environment. Because of its mission to unite customers and technology in its branches, HOMEBANK has enjoyed significant growth in digital banking usage. Watch this video to learn more about HOMEBANK’s strategic partnership with CSI to offer products that help customers bank the way they want.

CSI Banking Priorities 2019: Executive Report Recap

Each year, CSI polls banking executives at U.S. financial institutions across the country, asking questions that uncover the strategies and issues they believe will most affect the financial sector in the year ahead. This year, 220 bankers answered our survey. Check out this quick video summary to learn where their priorities lie in 2019.

CSI CRM Banking Software

Find out how CSI’s banking CRM software—CSI CRM—enables your bank to add a new customer with just one click. Our customer relationship management software is integrated with CSI’s core processing solution, NuPoint®, so your bank can track, capture and manage customer and prospect interactions in one relationship module. Your staff can enter the details of calls, emails and any other interactions to the CRM software and easily access that information from their personalized views. Plus, CSI’s CRM for banking automatically checks data and reveals any duplicates. Learn how your bank can map the entire customer journey with CSI CRM. You can even take customer relationship management to the next level with Channel Analytics, which track your customers’ preferred transactional channels and propose additional relevant value-added products and services.

CSI Employee Intranet Solution

CSI’s employee intranet solution, CSI Secure Connect, gives your employees secure access to corporate communications. Watch the video to learn more about how our employee portal software can streamline daily operations and increase efficiencies.

CSI Board Portal Solution

CSI’s board portal solution, CSI Secure Connect, gives your board of director’s secure access to confidential board materials, an easy-to-use app and more. Watch this video to learn how to create paperless and efficient board meetings for your directors using our board meeting software.