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Knowing Your Customers Inside and Out

Acquiring new customers is a key factor in expanding your business. And building and maintaining an effective customer identification program (CIP) is essential to satisfying Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory requirements under the USA PATRIOT Act.

CSI’s WatchDOG® CIP solution simplifies and enhances your company’s customer onboarding and compliance efforts — while scaling to your unique needs and risk profile. WatchDOG CIP offers both and API-based KYC solutions, allowing you to instantly validate customers’ information against public databases and national consumer reporting agency files without disturbing your existing workflow.

Complying with Financial Crime Regulations

Managing the increased risk that comes with a growing customer base can be a major challenge. As a Red Flags Rule service provider, our certified consultants help you meet regulatory requirements under the USA PATRIOT Act Identity Theft Prevention Program for Red Flags Rules and support KYC compliance for financial institutions.


WatchDOG CIP Components and Capabilities

  • Screen customer information against the latest OFAC lists
  • Verify customer SSNs against the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File
  • Conduct driver’s license format validation
  • Save customer information and verification details for ongoing Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Aid ongoing CDD by cross-referencing customer information with national credit bureau directories to screen more than 150 million households and residencies and over 25 million U.S. businesses
  • Utilize One-Time Passcode cascading to Out-of-Wallet Verification for creating knowledge-based authentication questions to further validate customer identity
  • Screen for previously reported account charge-offs due to fraud or account abuse with Early Warning IDENTITY CHECK Verification
  • Track a series of questions in the Red Flags Checklist to obtain real-time confirmation of customer identity when suspicious activity is detected

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