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WatchDOG® Elite with LensView

50% Rule Compliance | Complex Ownership Structures | Robust Screening

Enhance Your Sanctions Compliance Program with WatchDOG Elite

WatchDOG Elite is CSI’s industry-leading sanctions screening solution that helps you increase operational efficiencies by replacing manual processes with real-time, centralized and automated sanctions screening. By integrating all member data into a single screening system, WatchDOG Elite ensures compliance with OFAC and other international watchlists.

Through our partnership with Kharon, an elite research and data analytics firm that provides actionable risk intelligence, CSI offers LensView—a chain-of-ownership feature that reveals the relationship between your members and sanctioned actors—as an integrated enhancement to WatchDOG Elite.

LensView Provides Critical Insight into:

Entities led or controlled by sanctioned actors
Entities led or controlled by sanctioned actors
Enhanced identifiers for false positive mitigation
Enhanced identifiers for false positive mitigation
Units and branches of sanctioned firms
Units and branches of sanctioned firms

Minority ownership
Minority ownership
Supply chain and maritime risk
Supply chain and maritime risk

Effectively Identify Risks Related to New Sanctions Actions

Following each new sanctions listing, LensView expediently provides the data and intelligence you need to screen your customers and supply chains for OFAC’s 50% Rule. The data is continuously updated to protect against over-screening that occurs when entities subsequently fall outside the scope of the rule.

WatchDOG Elite with LensView reveals the relationships between your members and sanctioned actors.

Avoid Violations of OFAC’s 50% Rule, Including:

  • The use of shell companies conducting international wire transfers
  • The use of third parties shielding sanctioned persons
  • Transactions involving IP addresses in Russia, Belarus or other sanctioned jurisdictions
  • Purchases of real estate through shell companies or trusts

Through LensView, WatchDOG® Elite users can identify and explore networks and configure link charts through a variety of relationship variables involving their parties of interest, including:

  • Complex ownership structures and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs)
  • Control, leadership and influence
  • Commercial and supply chain exposure
  • Shared addresses, phone numbers and other identifiers

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