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CSI Loan Marketplace: October 18

CSI’s partnership with Community Capital makes sourcing loan growth, selling loan portfolio balances and benchmarking loan performance just a few clicks away. Our Loan Marketplace empowers your institution to:

  • Pursue lending opportunities for loans that can’t typically be originated due to regulatory or market constraints
  • Sell these opportunities to non-restricted lenders via the platform
  • Transition loan/client portfolios that may not be optimally aligned with your target relationship profile (e.g. legacy clients, post-acquisition rationalization, etc.)
  • Grow existing relationships and/or reach new customers by directly sourcing partners
  • Increase distribution for club deals or smaller syndicated deals
  • Source partners having similar underwriting criteria and culture outside of your immediate market

Join our live demo to see how CSI Loan Marketplace works. You’ll learn more about the key benefits, watch a demo of the CSI Loan Marketplace, and participate in an interactive Q & A.

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