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IQ Creator for Meridian

CSI IQ’s user friendly, all-encompassing data collection tool helps you create custom reports to fit your bank’s evolving needs. IQ Creator allows cross-application reporting, including core and ancillary product data, so you can easily format and create graphs and charts, right within the product.

Need a Board packet?  IQ also lets you create multiple reports in a single document and use IQ Viewer to securely send them to board members via CSI eSafe.

This webinar features:

  • An overview of the key benefits of using IQ Creator for your custom reporting
  • A demo of IQ Creator and Viewer that highlights how easy it is to create informational, visually appealing reports and documents
  • A demo of IQ Visualizer looking at high-level summaries of information through dynamic visual representations of data, activity, trends and what-if scenarios.
  • An interactive Q & A
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