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Preparing Now for CECL to Go Live 2023

The CECL transition is a marathon, not a sprint—requiring preparation throughout 2021 and 2022. Join Peter Cherpack, senior director and partner at Ardmore Banking Advisors and nationally recognized thought leader on CECL for smaller financial institutions, to learn how to successfully prepare. The presentation will include a live demo of the Argus CECL solution – the only CECL solution that CSI has endorsed for its banks.

Join this informative webinar to:

  • Learn what your bank must do before 2023 to achieve CECL compliance
  • Hear best practices that community banks already using CECL have learned
  • Experience the Argus CECL solution, and its automatic data link to CSI, in action
  • Learn about the new free Fed provided “SCALE” CECL calculation solution, is it right for your bank? A look at Pros and Cons
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