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Streamline Your AML Monitoring

Fight the battle against money laundering with WatchDOG AML, a modern solution designed to combat rapidly evolving threats and strengthen your AML program. WatchDOG AML minimizes your organization’s risk by raising red flags for review, reducing false positives and providing explainable decisioning for audits and investigations.

Strengthen Your Defenses with WatchDOG AML

WatchDOG® AML, a cloud-native solution, combines out of the box rules with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the latest money laundering methods and tactics, minimizing the risk of regulatory penalty and criminal exposure, through:

  • Automated SAR Filing: Automatically file Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) when suspected cases of fraud are detected, in compliance with FinCEN regulations.
  • Customer Behavior Patterning: Machine learning models help identify suspicious activity by analyzing behavior patterns to generate alerts when customer behavior deviates from expected patterns.

Features of WatchDOG AML

WatchDOG AML modernizes your organization’s AML program by creating a balanced approach that learns from customer data, behaviors and patterns. Its features include:

  • Pattern Detection: Detects activity and generates alerts in real time to effectively monitor transactions. This includes known behaviors such as smurfing, round amounts, money mules and dormancy.
  • False Positive Reduction: AI models reduce false positives up to 70% and use context from investigators and customers to optimize results and automatically close cases, providing detailed decisioning for auditing and process transparency.
  • Data Collaboration and Information Sharing: Built with information sharing and joint monitoring at its core, WatchDOG AML addresses recent developments that point toward a requirement for data collaboration among an organization’s different groups, which is indispensable in detecting suspicious behaviors earlier and providing access to information needed during investigations.
  • Entity Resolution and Network Analytics: Automatically detect and filter sets of resolved entities from internal and external data sources, providing a complete picture of real-world entities, with relevant source links to all decisions.

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