CSI’s 2021 Consumer Cybersecurity Poll

After a tumultuous year of a global pandemic, rapid transitions to remote work and headline-making cyberattacks, what are consumers’ top cybersecurity fears as it pertains to their personal confidential data? And how have their perceptions changed since 2019? CSI, in partnership with The Harris Poll, surveyed over 2,000 American consumers to find out, and the results are detailed in this executive report.

What are Consumers’ Top Cybersecurity Concerns?

To uncover consumers’ top cybersecurity concerns as it pertains to their personal confidential data, CSI partnered with The Harris Poll to survey more than 2,000 U.S. adults age 18 and above. This executive report explores consumers’ perceptions and biggest fears surrounding cybersecurity and provides a comparison to a similar survey from 2019.

The results signal that Americans are becoming increasingly desensitized to the risk of cybersecurity breaches, indicating that financial institutions have a clear opportunity to deliver strategic cybersecurity education.

This executive report explores how your financial institution should mitigate risk by cultivating a security-conscious customer or member base, and provides specific ways to empower consumers with valuable cybersecurity education and promote good cyber hygiene.

Download the executive report now for key insight into consumers’ perceptions on:

  • Top cybersecurity concerns
  • Confidence in their financial institution
  • Payment security
  • Password habits
  • And much more!

Download CSI's 2021 Consumer Cybersecurity Poll