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Manage Risk with User Access Reporting

It’s often difficult for an institution’s in-house staff to manage all aspects of security and compliance, including preparing for upcoming exams and audits, implementing proper controls and keeping up with user access.

For many institutions, user access review is a cumbersome, time-consuming and manual process. To simplify it, CSI’s User Access Reporting solution validates your users’ level of permissions for various systems, helping you mitigate cybersecurity risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

Streamline Your User Access Reviews

User access reviews are critical to maintaining a healthy security program and meeting regulatory requirements. In fact, examiners expect institutions to complete these reviews regularly and ensure that employees and third-party vendors have the minimum access required to perform their specific job functions.

As a critical component of your institution’s cybersecurity program, CSI User Access Reporting streamlines the review process to help your institution manage cybersecurity risk, ensure compliance and maintain cyber insurance coverage. And the solution creates simplified, easy-to-understand reports through a consistent process.

CSI User Access Reporting

CSI User Access Reporting provides over 100 system templates and produces easily reviewable reports to track new and terminated employees, permission changes and privileged access.

This solution also allows you to flag issues, document comments and highlight high-risk functions and privileged access permissions. CSI User Access Reporting makes the review process more effective while reducing overall completion time with features such as:

Program Tracking

Leverage an exam readiness dashboard, executive reporting, system map and user access review dashboard with oversight reporting.

User Access Reviews

Complete a variety of reviews, including system user changes, system-based privileged access reporting and more.

Customized Reporting

Receive audit and exam documentation, including the critical tracking of changes between current and previous reviews.


Access a support ticketing system and platform, along with regulatory and industry-specific advisories.

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