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The market for community banks is challenging. Keeping up with the latest technology, navigating strict federal regulations, and competing against megabanks is a tall order, but community banks don’t have to go it alone. For more than 58 years, CSI has partnered with community banks across the country to deliver enterprise core banking technology, cybersecurity and regulatory services that help institutions remain compliant and compete with today’s largest institutions.

What We Offer

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Enterprise Banking Solutions

CSI’s enterprise banking solutions empower your institution to grow assets and reach new customers by integrating the latest digital technologies, which saves you money and keeps you competitive.
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Managed Cybersecurity

Our comprehensive managed cybersecurity services are your one-stop shop for online security and risk management, designed to protect your organization against current and evolving cybersecurity risks.
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Managed IT Services

CSI’s IT management services are designed to ease the maintenance of your organization’s IT systems. Our IT managed services maximize the health and performance of your key applications, systems, networks and users.
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Financial Crimes Prevention

CSI's financial crime solutions help you streamline compliance and give your organization a competitive edge.
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Document Delivery Solutions

Keep your institution on the cutting edge of digital transformation in banking while adhering to federal guidelines around data storage. And with a secure intranet and board portal solution, you can increase productivity and communication within your workforce.
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Advisory Services

Our team of seasoned professionals provides your organization with a holistic approach to addressing critical IT and security issues as well as planning and preparing for future needs.
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Enterprise Banking Tech to Help You Compete

Your bank needs reliable, efficient and integrated enterprise banking technology to stay competitive in an evolving market. With customers demanding a seamless, digital-first experience and federal regulations constantly changing, you can’t afford to let your bank fall behind.

  • Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience: Our enterprise banking solutions create an integrated, high-performing infrastructure that enhances your institution’s ability to deliver a modern customer experience. Our innovative technology — including core processing, payments and digital banking — delivers best-in-class banking technology to your customers.
  • Focus on What You Do Best: CSI simplifies the processes and applications essential to your bank’s everyday operations and provides industry-leading customer service, ensuring that your banking tech is an effective tool, not a roadblock. When you don’t have to worry about your tech, you can focus on what you do best: banking.


IT Management Specialized For Financial Institutions

Keeping up with the latest in IT management can be a challenge, made costly and time-consuming if you’re relying solely on an in-house team. And with the additional need for compliance to strict financial industry regulations, not all IT providers are up to the task. Working with an IT partner that specializes in your industry keeps your bank operating smoothly and in compliance.

  • Stay Profitable: Staying on top of financial services technology trends keeps your bank competitive. Using a trusted and cost-effective managed services partner like CSI keeps you profitable. Supporting your IT team by partnering with CSI saves you time and money and brings a host of other benefits, including 24/7 monitoring and service.
  • Build the IT Infrastructure You Need: We are specialists in technology solutions for the financial industry, with decades of experience in your specific needs and the regulations under which you operate. While some IT providers offer only standardized packages, our bespoke services maximize your financial institution’s IT managed services so that you can focus on more strategic initiatives.


Peace of Mind With Managed Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks to financial institutions continue to rise, both in volume and sophistication, with reports of cyberattacks hitting the news every day. And in-house cybersecurity monitoring is cost-prohibitive for many community institutions. Yet today’s top threats persist: from ransomware to DDoS attacks, your bank’s data and reputation need protection.

  • Keep Your Bank Safe and Compliant: CSI’s complete managed cybersecurity services are your one-stop shop for online security and risk management, designed to protect your bank against current and evolving cybersecurity risks by creating secure, compliant IT environments. With 24/7 monitoring, real-time reporting, penetration testing and more, your bank is protected by the financial industry’s best technology and people.


Compliance Tech to Protect Your Bank

Everchanging federal regulations present a challenge to any financial institution, and the consequences for failing to comply can be painful. Working with a trusted compliance partner in the financial industry, with solutions that include sanctions screening, AML, cybersecurity and KYC compliance, gives you the peace of mind you need to operate your bank effectively.

  • Streamline Your Compliance Efforts: Community banks are not immune to increased fraudulent activity in digital channels, and compliance technology and processes must adapt. With comprehensive compliance services like cybersecurity reviews, AML monitoring and real-time sanctions screening, CSI ensures that your bank has access to the latest and greatest regtech solutions.
  • Protect Your Bottom Line: With thorough auditing and testing services, CSI discovers and remediates vulnerabilities and compliance failures before federal auditors can find them, and shields your bank from regulatory fines.


Improved Customer Engagement and Internal Communication

Effective document management and distribution helps community banks increase customer engagement, improve productivity and lower costs. CSI’s comprehensive suite of document services put time and resources back in your pocket.

  • Engage With Customers: CSI’s digital document solutions deepen customer engagement with your bank by providing a digital experience that wows customers with interactive, hyper-personalized and dynamic digital statements.
  • Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs: CSI’s print and mail services help you connect with customers in a cost-effective, secure and efficient manner, reducing the burden on your staff and your bottom line.
  • Streamline Internal Communication: Internal communications are key to smooth daily operations for your bank. CSI’s business intranet solutions ensure the efficient distribution of information across your organization and enhance collaboration between your employees and leadership.


Community Banks We Serve

We’ve seen huge improvement in every aspect, from delivery to cost savings—CSI’s process has saved us a significant amount of money.

Gary Welsh
First Bethany Bank & Trust
Senior Vice President

In a recent audit, the auditor commented that he was impressed with the improvements we’d made as a result of our partnership with CSI, including additional controls now in place that were not available to the bank prior to working with CSI.

Jerry C. Lyon
Community 1st Bank
President and CEO

At CSI, they anticipate what the next step will be in a hacker’s mind. They are my eyes and ears.

Leigh Pharr
First Landmark Bank
Senior Vice President of Administration

As a long-time community-based institution, we faced the perception of not being as tech-savvy as our larger competitors. But our Virtual Branch gives customers—both current and new—access to the latest banking technologies available through CSI that are all integrated in a forward-thinking experience.

Lindsey Miller
Citizens National Bank of Cheboygan
Virtual Branch Manager

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