Digital Banking Solutions

Does your institution meet or exceed customer expectations?

Customers expect a seamless digital banking experience to rival other leading industries. Our innovative and integrated digital banking solutions empower you to digitally transform your business and wow those customers by keeping them connected, engaged and secure.

Digital Banking Solutions That Deliver

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. CSI’s digital banking solutions keep your institution adaptable each step of the way. Integrated into our enterprise core platform, these innovative technologies enable you to stay ahead of industry trends, meet evolving customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge.


Seamless Core Banking Integration
Seamless Core Banking Integration
Parity Across Channels
Parity Across Channels
Customer-Centric Designs and Tools
Customer-Centric Designs and Tools
Industry-Leading Security and Risk Management
Industry-Leading Security and Risk Management

Attract and Onboard New Digital Banking Customers

With evolving customer expectations and more competition than ever, your financial institution needs to put its best foot forward to maintain relevance and profitability. These customer-centric digital banking solutions broaden your appeal and make it easier for new customers to conduct business with you.

  • Website Design and Hosting: As the front line of your bank’s digital presence, your website must immediately establish your preparedness for the future. Our ADA-compliant web design and hosting solution ensures you make the right impression on potential and existing customers with a host of cutting-edge features and designs.
  • Digital Account Opening: Customers increasingly expect to conduct all their financial affairs online, beginning with the onboarding process. Our digital account acquisition solution makes it easier for customers to open new accounts and become new, satisfied customers.

Digitally Engage Consumers and Business Customers

Digital defines the customer experience and is the primary method by which many customers interact with their banks. With the following tools, you can ensure the service standards that your institution is known for, while promoting top customer engagement along the way.

  • Online and Mobile Banking: Customers expect a flexible banking experience to rival the best offered outside the financial services industry. Our seamless digital banking platform delivers on that expectation, allowing consumers and business customers to stay connected through a suite of digital banking tools available on any device.
  • Live Chat and Video Collaboration: Digital banking doesn’t have to mean a decline in the personalized service that sets you apart. Our digital collaboration solution ensures you meet customer needs, however complex, by offering live chat, video, co-browsing and other features.
  • Digital Payments: As customers increasingly favor digital banking, more and more also seek methods to digitally transact. CSI’s digital payment solutions include digital card issuance, push provisioning, seamless account-to-account money movement, mobile app-integrated P2P payments, same-day ACH, wire and more.
  • Business Banking Tools: In today’s competitive environment, your business customers need tools to maintain a competitive edge and profitability. CSI’s merchant services and small business invoicing solutions help them more efficiently run their organization while deepening their relationship with you.

Digital Banking Security Solutions

Fraudsters are opportunistic, so keeping them at bay requires constant vigilance. Our digital security solutions work overtime to support your efforts to protect your customer and business data and meet today’s compliance demands.

  • Advanced Authentication: With social engineering schemes, phishing, and smishing attempts continually on the rise, banks must take precautions to protect their customers’ digital banking accounts. Our digital banking solution leverages advanced authentication methods such as configurable password complexity requirements, biometric authentication and multiple forms of step-up authentication to ensure the person logging into an account is who they say they are.
  • Fraud Prevention Suite: You must remain vigilant in protecting customers’ accounts and securing both typical and high-risk transactions. Our layered security solutions for digital banking simplify that task by offering holistic protection with out-of-band authentication, fraud anomaly detection and password security checks.
  • Digital Card Controls and Alerts: Supporting our card security features, card control capabilities like PIN change, card activation and transaction disputes can prevent or mitigate fraudulent damages. Card alerts surrounding suspicious activity, approaching limits or travel activity further enable customers to detect risks in advance.
  • Identity Verification and Know-Your-Customer Solutions: Keeping your institution secure requires minimizing risk and doing business with trustworthy individuals. Our identity verification solutions allow you to validate customers’ information against public databases and national consumer reporting agency files. This scans for risk and helps further verify the identity of account applicants and digital banking enrollees.

We took our time making sure we knew how the app was going to look and when we gave the go-ahead to CSI, implementation was a breeze.

Carolyn Sisco
Citizens Bank of Kentucky
Assistant Vice President of Account Operations Center

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