Open Banking Platform

Open APIs in Enterprise Banking

Open Banking – a groundbreaking approach to banking technology – fosters greater collaboration between financial institutions and technology vendors, even beyond their core provider. Our platform and secure Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) empower you to embrace open banking and offer financial solutions and experiences like never before. Unlocking faster integration and new business models like Banking as a Service (BaaS), CSI’s open banking platform will keep you adaptable and competitive for many years to come.


Extensive Catalog of Banking APIs
API Integration Support for Developers
Seamless Integration
Access to Exceptional Third-Party Technologies

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Open Banking

Our core platform takes open banking and runs with it, offering a suite of modern solutions, the flexibility to integrate third-party technology—even guidance to create your own APIs. With an intuitive platform and the support to ease implementation, your institution will be better prepared to bridge technology gaps, support tech-savvy customers and gain a competitive edge. Our core banking system offers the following:

  • Enhanced data security through authentication and authorized controls
  • Consolidation of data within fragmented or siloed systems
  • Real-time integration to core data
  • A growing catalog of enterprise-wide APIs
  • Digital banking, payments, regulatory compliance and core application integrations
  • An easy-to-use Developer Portal to aid your institution and third-party providers with implementation
  • A strategic roadmap that anticipates technological growth and the competitive market
  • The ability to start your BaaS journey

Open Banking Marketplace

Staying ahead in the financial landscape requires agility and innovation, but innovation can come from more than one technology provider. CSI’s Open Banking Marketplace lets you browse a dynamic hub of integrated third-party solutions designed to extend your core banking platform. CSI’s Open API Marketplace enables you to:

  • Review a vetted collection of third-party applications that have already connected to CSI’s open banking platform via APIs
  • Consult CSI’s list of preferred partners and review recommended solutions
  • Determine your next investments to enhance your offerings
  • See what integrated solutions other banks are sponsoring through CSI’s Enterprise Banking Solutions

Developer Portal

Modern API integration enables seamless and secure access to the most innovative banking technologies connected from CSI’s Enterprise Banking Solutions. If we don’t currently offer a solution to your need and you would rather not work with a third party, you can use CSI’s Open APIs to develop your own solution. Our intuitive Developer Portal provides a sandbox allowing fintech innovators and forward-thinking banks to design and deploy their own CSI-integrated APIs. You can count on:

  • Ongoing updates for CSI APIs, ensuring modernization and security
  • A growing list of solutions covering essential banking functions that connect to your applications
  • Creative autonomy and technical expertise to customize your products and services
  • Developer-focused tools and resources to help fintechs connect to CSI’s core
  • Unparalleled support every step of the way

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