Business Intranet Solutions

Want to enhance communication for employees and board of directors?

Effective communication is the difference between outstanding companies and ordinary businesses. You need communication solutions that make collaboration faster and easier for your employees and board of directors.

Hosted Intranet Solutions

CSI’s intranet solution software, Secure Connect, simplifies the way you share information and the way individuals interact with it.


Centralized Dashboard for Corporate Communications
Centralized Dashboard for Corporate Communications

Secure, Practical Digital Board Portal
Secure, Practical Digital Board Portal

Time-Off Tracking and Employee Attendance Tools
Time-Off Tracking and Employee Attendance Tools

Mobile-Friendly Interface
Mobile-Friendly Interface

Employee Intranet Software

Productivity soars when employees feel connected and engaged. This also is how you develop a strong culture with purpose and transparency. CSI’s Secure Connect intranet software enables you to centralize communication and distribute resources across your financial institution or business, enhancing employee collaboration and streamlining daily operations by:

  • Going green with reduced emails, paper forms, copies and faxes
  • Tracking hours with improved time-off tracking and employee attendance tools
  • Managing corporate communications
  • Saving time and money by leveraging a hosted solution that requires no additional hardware or software to maintain

Board Portal Solution

Effective board meetings are critical to your organization’s success. With CSI’s board portal software on Secure Connect, your board has secure access to board materials and other confidential information from the convenience of their homes, offices or other remote locations. You can even facilitate communication through online votes, discussion threads and other collaborative tools. Our online board portal can be implemented for any financial institution or business, and you can expect:

  • Secure communication through online votes, shared calendars and other tools
  • Paperless operations by eliminating the need to print and ship sensitive information
  • Complete mobility via Apple and Android apps, for easy, secure access on any device
  • No maintenance, as our board meeting solution requires no additional hardware or software to maintain

We’ve seen huge improvement in every aspect, from delivery to cost savings—CSI’s process has saved us a significant amount of money.

Gary Welsh
First Bethany Bank & Trust
Senior Vice President

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