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As financial crimes evolve and regulatory pressures escalate, your organization needs a modern anti-money laundering (AML) solution to elevate your transaction monitoring. WatchDOG® AML streamlines your AML monitoring by detecting anomalies in behaviors, adapting to new patterns and reducing false positives.

Elevate Your AML Transaction Monitoring with WatchDOG AML

Organizations across many industries face increasing exposure to financial crime that threatens to derail their business operations by way of crippling regulatory fines and friction with business partners. And the use of anti-money laundering (AML) solutions that rely solely on out of the box rules leaves organizations vulnerable to growing risks of financial loss, legal liability and reputational damage.

WatchDOG AML combines out-of-the-box rules with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the latest money laundering methods and tactics, minimizing risk of regulatory penalty and criminal exposure.


Centralized Case Management
Centralized Case Management
Customer Behavior Patterning
Customer Behavior Patterning
Automated SAR Filing
Automated SAR Filing
Self-Service Configuration
Self-Service Configuration

What is AML Transaction Monitoring?

AML transaction monitoring involves analyzing customer transactions to provide a holistic view of activity, including both past and present transactional behavior. This process helps detect patterns and abnormal behavior, which can be used to identify money laundering or other financial crimes.

A modern, robust AML compliance program is necessary to detect financial crime, prevent operational or reputational consequences and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Machine learning and AI enhance AML transaction monitoring to detect suspicious activity more quickly and efficiently, thereby minimizing false positives and reducing the resources required for internal investigations.

Enhance Your Organization’s AML Compliance

Money laundering remains at the center of crime, corruption and terrorism, so it’s critical that your organization detect suspicious transactions efficiently to reduce the reputational risk, shareholder loss and legal liability that stems from AML failures.

As financial crimes become more sophisticated and regulatory pressures increase, rules-based AML systems—which can generate excessive false positives—create burdens with transaction monitoring and suspicious activity reporting, thereby straining resources with unsustainable solutions that are limited in scope. WatchDOG AML allows you to stay one step ahead of money launderers and bad actors by using adaptive models and behavioral analysis to ensure the latest methods do not evade your monitoring.

WatchDOG AML empowers your organization to enhance AML transaction monitoring by:

  • Modernizing your AML program with a balanced approach that learns from customer data, behaviors and patterns
  • Streamlining internal processes through AI/ML models, creating and optimizing rules that reduce the overall number of alerts and cases to investigate
  • Minimizing the burden of false positives by ingesting investigator decisions and adapting to reasoning from closed cases
  • Adapting to new money laundering methods and tactics, developing new controls based on behaviors and investigator decisioning.

How Does WatchDOG AML Modernize Your AML Transaction Monitoring?

A cloud-native solution, WatchDOG AML monitors transactions and adds actionable reasoning to investigators’ decisions to better detect anomalies in behaviors and adapt to new controls and patterns. By combining out-of-the-box rules with customizable rules and AI, WatchDOG AML raises red flags for review while providing explainable decisioning for audits and investigations.

WatchDOG AML modernizes your organization’s AML program by creating a balanced approach that learns from customer data, behaviors and patterns. Additional features of WatchDOG AML include:

  • Pattern Detection: Detects activity and generates alerts in real time to effectively monitor transactions. This includes known behaviors such as smurfing, round amounts, money mules and dormancy.
  • False Positive Reduction: AI models reduce false positives and use context from investigators and customers to optimize results and automatically close cases, while providing detailed decisioning for auditing and process transparency.
  • Data Collaboration and Information Sharing: Built with information sharing and joint monitoring at its core, WatchDOG AML addresses recent developments that point toward a requirement for data collaboration among an organization’s different groups, which helps detect suspicious behaviors earlier and provides access to information needed during investigations.
  • Entity Resolution and Network Analytics: Automatically detects and filters sets of resolved entities from internal and external data sources, providing a complete picture of real-world entities with relevant source links to all decisions.

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