Geopolitical Risk Statement

As with many of you, the recent unfolding of events in Eastern Europe has been heavy on our minds and hearts. So many are facing tragedy and challenges unlike anything most of us will ever face. Unfortunately, the risks of this ongoing conflict are not limited to the battlefield, but are very present for the industries and entities that reside in countries opposing this unwarranted aggression.

CSI has always considered the protection of our customers’ data, and the systems that process that data, to be of utmost importance. As a result of this commitment, we make it a practice to follow well-established and highly recommended security principles and protocols in order to protect the data and systems. Nevertheless, we have reviewed these principles and protocols in light of the current conflict, and confirmed that we are meeting or exceeding the recommendations offered by the CISA and other intelligence networks. Additionally, we have taken several precautionary steps to reduce our exposure to these risks. Our security teams are actively monitoring multiple intelligence networks to ensure we have the best possible understanding of the latest risks posed by this conflict, and they are prepared to act quickly should the situation warrant an adjustment. Our entire security team is on high alert, and we are vigilantly monitoring our network for any anomalous behavior. Our security professionals are prepared to respond expediently to any nefarious activity detected.

We also understand that the risk is not contained within our walls, but is present for all entities residing in the United States and other countries that oppose this aggressive behavior. As such, we are actively monitoring any potential risks our vendors could pose to our company and our customers, and ensuring that these vendors are also following best practices to protect themselves and our mutual customers.

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