Mitigate risk with deep industry expertise.

Address critical IT, compliance and security issues while planning for future business needs

Enhance your IT and IS Strategies

Leverage expert guidance to elevate your approach to IT and exceed the requirements of the evolving risk and threat landscape.

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Strategically approach your IT and IS initiatives

Strengthen your IT strategy and build a strong security posture while planning for future business needs. Access an IT governance platform with policies, summaries, dashboards and various assessments.

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Prepare for audits, exams and the latest threats

Access executive reporting and IT audit and exam support, including remediation and documentation of audit findings. Proactively prepare your employees and board of directors to fight back against threats and ensure compliance through cybersecurity training.

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Strategic guidance to inform your decisions

Leverage insight from seasoned financial industry experts to strengthen your IT and IS strategies while ensuring your technology supports business goals.

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Manage compliance and mitigate risk

Navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape and ensure your institution remains protected with penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, cybersecurity/IT risk assessments and more. Reduce your time and expenses for managing compliance.

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Boost your information security program

Protect your organization’s sensitive information and lower your risk against the rising threat of cyberattacks with an information security review and IT audit services.

Strengthen your security

We now have a robust IT strategic plan, so much so that our peers have asked how we get it done. I brag about CSI any chance I get.

Paul Reed
Farmers Bank
President and CEO
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Your Institution’s Guide to IT Governance

See how embracing a risk-based approach to IT governance strengthens IT and IS strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An advisory services provider works with institutions to deliver expertise, recommendations or solutions to specific business challenges, including IT- or IS-related issues. Advisory services providers employ experts in their respective fields, so institutions can reap the benefits of their deep bench of knowledge without investing in full-time employees.

Advisory services, or business advisory services, encompass professional services that help businesses improve their functions or operations. These services are delivered by companies with specialized talent, providing institutions with outside perspectives and recommendations on a variety of topics, including IT and IS strategies.

As an advisory services partner, CSI works with your institution on a variety of IT- or IS-related initiatives, such as developing an IT strategic plan, strengthening your disaster recovery measures and testing or preparing for upcoming audits and exams.

While consulting services meet the needs of some institutions, many need a higher level of engagement for business consulting and a greater degree of help around regulations and security. An advisory services model for IT governance covers topics beyond traditional consulting.

Partnering with a trusted advisory services provider like CSI gives your institution access to experienced industry professionals and their deep bench of knowledge, allowing you to develop a risk-based governance process for managing cybersecurity and IT while implementing controls that align with your goals.

Compliance is critical for every institution, and the tactics to achieve compliance will differ based on institutional factors, such as budget and risk appetite. An advisory services partner like CSI works with your institution to develop an effective compliance program, factoring in budgets, specific controls, strategic goals and regulators’ expectations.

Advisory services are utilized across a variety of industries and entail an industry expert working with an organization to provide recommendations surrounding IT governance. As the IT and cybersecurity landscapes evolve, most financial institutions require a partner to navigate complex requirements. CSI Advisory Services offer valuable experience and insight, helping you tackle IT strategic planning, IT exam and audit support and more.

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