Boost your system performance.

Optimize your resources with a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Modernize your IT infrastructure and enhance system performance.

Maintain a secure, compliant IT infrastructure while maximizing your technology investments.

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Simplify and scale your IT infrastructure

Enhance your approach to IT by maximizing your resources with a securely managed cloud-hosted infrastructure. Cloud hosting allows you to scale and grow to accommodate your changing business needs.

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Improve information sharing and collaboration

Give your employees enterprise-wide communication tools like secure email and Microsoft’s O365 suite—without worrying about compliance and management.

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Keep your data secure during unexpected events

Protect your valuable data and mitigate risk with scalable, compliant cloud data backup and recovery. By maintaining backups outside of a single location or region, you can ensure your data is safe from a localized disaster.

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Maintain secure, fast internet connections

Safeguard your endpoint devices and ensure uninterrupted connectivity with managed virtual private network (VPN) access.

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Support flexibility for your workforce

Connect employees and support customers from any location, at any time with a modern, cloud-hosted voice system that includes options for desktop phones, software-based phones or a mobile application.

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Between the people, the service they provide, the products and the pricing, CSI has been an excellent technology partner that has never let us down.

Sidney Long
First Texas Data, Inc.
Senior Vice President
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The Virtual Migration: How the Public Cloud Transforms IT Strategies

See the benefits of cloud adoption for financial institutions and tackle common misconceptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When leveraging managed IT services, organizations partner with a third-party provider—often an MSP—to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure, including networks, applications and systems. These services also include automated backups, disaster recovery and customer support.

CSI’s suite of managed IT services allows your institution to strategically optimize your infrastructure, enhance system performance and eliminate risks that may disrupt your success.

A managed service provider (MSP) manages an outsourced business function, such as IT processes. Since maintaining a high-performance IT infrastructure can be costly and complicated, some organizations opt to partner with an MSP like CSI to leverage their technology and support. This approach provides cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Building a secure, compliant IT infrastructure isn’t a feat many institutions can undertake on their own. That’s why many institutions choose to partner with an MSP to leverage their technology and expertise. By partnering with CSI for managed IT services, your institution can experience a variety of benefits, including:

  • Customized services: Deploy only the IT services your institution needs.
  • Scalability: Increase or decrease resources to your environment as needed.
  • Cost efficiencies: Pay for the services you use without a large upfront investment in hardware.
  • Business continuity: Minimize risk of downtime with available infrastructure and support.
  • Access to experts: Leverage a deep bench of knowledge from our seasoned experts.

Institutions that can’t allocate or justify the resources for in-house IT services or dedicated staff can benefit from managed IT services. IT and cybersecurity roles are increasingly difficult to fill as the talent is in high demand, so managed IT services are a beneficial alternative to having an in-house team or can serve as supplemental talent and resources to an existing in-house team.

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