Talking Tech with CSI

Season 2

We’re excited to present season two of Talking Tech with CSI, a four-episode mini-series dedicated to providing you with insight into trending technology topics. These episodes are hosted by Allison Maddock, chief product officer at CSI, and feature our Fintexperts discussing the hottest topics in technology, from cybersecurity to real-time payments.

S2 E1 – Open Banking

Is your institution embracing open banking? Watch the first episode of this season of Talking Tech with CSI to hear Shanda Purcell, senior director of product management for open banking at CSI, discuss open banking trends, common misconceptions and more.

S2 E2 – Financial Crimes

Watch the second episode of our Talking Tech with CSI series featuring Bradley Wallace, CSI’s compliance director,  to learn about the growing threats of fraud and money laundering—and how your institution can fight back.

S2 E3 – The FedNow Service & Real-Time Payments

Is your institution leveraging real-time payments? In the third episode of our Talking Tech with CSI series, Greg Aumann, senior product manager of payments at CSI, discusses the future of real-time payments and how banks can integrate the FedNow Service into their payments strategy.

S2 E4 – AI & Cybersecurity

How is artificial intelligence (AI) affecting the financial services industry? Should institutions consider cybersecurity while embracing AI technology? Steve Sanders, chief risk officer at CSI, answers your questions about cybersecurity and AI in the final episode of season two of Talking Tech with CSI.

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