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Our print and mail delivery solutions enable you to keep your customers and employees connected, compliant and satisfied.

A Print and Mail Partner That Delivers

Direct mail helps you build relationships and drive business with your customers. CSI’s print and mail services provide reliable, flexible solutions for institutions that distribute documents via mail.


Secure, Efficient and Timely Print and Mail Delivery
Secure, Efficient and Timely Print and Mail Delivery
Scalable Distribution
Scalable Distribution

Modern Bank Statement Design
Modern Bank Statement Design

Online Tracking
Online Tracking

Our Print and Mail Services for Banks

By capitalizing on our expertise and experience, companies can redeploy staff for more strategic initiatives by streamlining internal operations and reducing print and mail costs with:

  • Printed Bank Statements: Our print and mail services streamline the complexities of monthly invoice, statement and bill printing and mailing. Our bank statement solution provides automated tools that allow you to decrease delivery time and track projects in real time.
  • Bank Statement Redesign: Modernize your bank statements with CSI’s bank statement redesign tool. Our bank statement redesign solution integrates with your core bank processing system and check imaging solution so you can improve statement aesthetics, lower production costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Bank Notices: CSI’s bank notice outsourcing service quickly and efficiently processes, prints and mails your notices, as well as accommodates popular services like postcard notices to further reduce your postage costs.
  • Tax Statements Services: CSI can help your institution with the challenges of preparing tax statements in-house by transforming paper tax forms into electronic tax forms, which are easily accessible through your online banking platform.
  • Online Statement Tracking: Want to track your documents from processing to delivery? Our online tracking service provides timely and complete print management information on projects that are in production at CSI. This service allows you to monitor the status of statements, notices and other important documents, from CSI’s print and mail facility all the way to the mail carrier’s bag.
  • Online Bill Pay Checks: Many customers need to print and mail online bill payments via paper check. Our online bill pay system uses industry-standard, Web-based technology, allowing you to execute paper check payments initiated through online bill pay.

Simplify Print and Mail Delivery with CSI

The demand on internal operations can often make direct mail out of reach for your financial institution. With outsourced printing and mailing from CSI, your organization can:

  • Lower your infrastructure costs by replacing in-house processes with print and mail outsourcing
  • Reduce seasonal or part-time work fluctuations
  • Enhance risk management and disaster recovery mechanisms

I am very pro CSI! For me it stems from the 2007 Customer Conference I attended in Indy. When the founder of the company sits down at your table to eat lunch and knows where your little bank is located and knows so much about what’s going on in his company, it truly leaves a lasting impression! I will never forget that.

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