Digital Statements

Want to produce digital bank statements that wow your customers?

Our mobile-centric and interactive digital bank statement solutions transform printed bank statements and eStatements through interactivity and personalization, creating an engaging experience within your customers' preferred banking channel.

Digital Bank Statements Reimagined

Success in today’s digital banking environment is reliant on creating an effective mobile and online experience for your customers. To grow your institution’s digital footprint, your bank’s statements must provide this experience while remaining true to your unique brand. CSI’s document delivery solutions make customer communication more valuable and meaningful by leveraging interactivity and personalization to drive engagement and calls-to-action through dynamic digital bank statements and other statement of record documents, ultimately improving customer experience, profitability and retention.


Searchable, Mobile and Dynamic Digital Statements
Improve Client Engagement through Interactivity and Hyper-Personalization
SIEM as a Service with Managed Incident Response
Receive Encrypted, Legally Compliant Statement of Records
Custom, Timely Alerts
Update Statement Messaging and Promotions Across All Channels
Harnesses the Power of Customer Data
View Customer Engagement and Activity through Analytics and Reports

Experience Secure Digital Document Delivery

Today’s banking customers expect instant access to their account information on their favorite devices. That’s why the digital delivery of bank statements, alerts and marketing tools are essential to creating a unified banking experience.  Our modern digital statement solutions are optimized across all devices generating secure, encrypted documents that can only be viewed by the intended recipient making communications faster, more secure and less expensive.

Interactive Bank Statements

Our digital statements offer more than static eStatement options by leveraging HTML5 to deliver dynamic, interactive digital bank statements straight to your customers’ favorite device. Our mobile-centric electronic bank statements:

  • Transform traditional statements into useful and valuable engagement tools
  • Reduce cost with purpose-designed statements that enable contextualized inquiries
  • Anticipate your customers’ frequently changing needs with statement analytics
  • Meet compliance and statutory regulations with encrypted, legally compliant statement of records

Bank eNotices

Good communication is critical to building relationships with your customers. CSI’s eNotices solution is an innovative, cost-effective method for delivering electronic bank notices to your customers online. With this solution, you can boost communication through a bank notice delivery process that is:

  • Immediate, direct and verifiable
  • Easily managed with tailored messaging
  • Integrated with digital statements so your customers can access all account information in one location

Bank Statement Marketing

Your marketing efforts are only as powerful as your bank’s marketing content. Deliver targeted, ROI-generating campaigns with CSI’s bank statement marketing. Our online bank cross-selling tool is designed to maximize opportunities across all content delivery channels, from printed and electronic statements to direct mail and email campaigns. Our bank statement marketing solution allows you to:

  • Leverage your bank’s style, tone and brand to promote products and services
  • Design dynamic banner ads on digital statements to promote cross sales
  • Target bank ads to specific customer segments
  • Incorporate QR codes

I am very pro CSI! For me it stems from the 2007 Customer Conference I attended in Indy. When the founder of the company sits down at your table to eat lunch and knows where your little bank is located and knows so much about what’s going on in his company, it truly leaves a lasting impression! I will never forget that.

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