IT Governance

Do you need a trusted advisor to guide your IT strategy and help you build a strong information security posture?

A component of CSI Advisory Services, our IT Governance Services grant you access to seasoned financial industry experts who provide strategic insight for your IT and information security (IS) strategy and help you prepare for future needs.

Develop Your IT and IS Strategy with IT Governance Services

For some financial institutions, hiring and retaining full-time executive IT and security roles—such as a chief information officer (CIO) or a chief information security officer (CISO)—isn’t always possible. CSI’s IT Governance Services give your institution access to experienced industry professionals who will ensure your IT and security strategy supports your institution’s goals.


Direct Access to a Dedicated Strategic Advisor
Direct Access to a Dedicated Strategic Advisor
Exam and Audit Support
Exam and Audit Support
Holistic, Cost-Effective Approach to IT and IS Strategy
Holistic, Cost-Effective Approach to IT and IS Strategy
IT Governance Platform and User Access Reporting
IT Governance Platform and User Access Reporting

How IT Governance Services Enhance Your Approach to IT and Information Security

In today’s competitive market, it’s often difficult to attract and retain staff with information security leadership and governance experience. Further, the constantly increasing regulatory expectations and growing complexities of the cybersecurity landscape make it more difficult for in-house staff to manage audits and exams, perform risk assessments, implement proper controls and keep up with the latest industry trends.

IT strategy and information security require continuous resources and dedicated efforts to ensure your plan aligns with current technology and business objectives. Our experienced advisors support a holistic approach to addressing critical IT, security and compliance issues while preparing for future needs.

  • IT and IS governance: Gain a dedicated strategic advisor to assist your institution in setting goals, outlining events, establishing dates, tracking progression, planning budgets and providing accountability. You’ll also receive guidance on cyber insurance as well as risk appetite statement review and assistance.
  • Exam and audit support: As a valuable partner in preparing for examinations and audits, CSI’s team helps you navigate the evolving regulatory landscape while prioritizing audit-finding remediation and documentation. You’ll also have access to FFIEC-aligned draft policies that are customized to your organization.
  • Executive reporting and training: Ensure your board of directors has necessary training and readiness with infosec awareness training and virtual monthly steering committee attendance. Be fully prepared for executive reporting with a GLBA Annual Board Report, IT Governance Annual Report, annual IT vendor management report and monthly board security reports.
  • IT Governance Platform: With CSI’s IT Governance Platform powered by Finosec, you’ll have access to summaries, dashboards and various assessments, including RSAT, Cybersecurity Assessment Toolkit, PII Assessment, Firewall Rule Review and more. Your organization will also have access to an “at-a-glance” status of your program elements and an exam-readiness dashboard to track items and automate status updates.
  • User access reporting: This additional component of CSI’s IT Governance Services allows you to simplify the manual processes of legacy financial systems. With user access reporting, you can easily monitor reports for tracking new or terminated employees, permission changes, privileged access and more. This feature also provides ready-to-share audit and exam documentation.
  • Business continuity and incident response support: Our seasoned experts deliver recommendations for enhancements to disaster recovery testing procedures and execute business continuity planning tabletop exercises. To further enhance preparedness for cyber threats, our IT Governance Services include incident response testing with facilitation and documentation.
  • Strategic guidance from industry experts: Along with assistance in developing your IT strategic plan and IS program, our experts help with technology planning and offer guidance on any topic relating to IT, banking as a business and compliance, including how to best leverage technology to achieve business goals and create your IT and security roadmap. With IT- and IS-related policy review and updates, you’ll be empowered to navigate the evolving cyber landscape.
  • World-class research and resources: Whether your organization wants to implement the latest IT management techniques or educate your leadership or operations team, your dedicated strategic business consultant will facilitate access to relevant, current content from one of the top IT research firms, including white papers, presentations, implementation guides and other tools.

Partnering with CSI for Advisory Services

Learn more about how CSI Advisory Services help your institution enhance IT strategy and planning, strengthen information security and optimize cybersecurity compliance.

Having a relationship with CSI as our core provider made us confident in expanding our partnership to include IT governance services, and we will continue to rely on their team’s abilities to guide us through the ever-changing banking landscape.

Justina Roth
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Chief Operations Officer

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