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About Us

We Are Your Complete Fintech, Regtech and Cybersecurity Partner

CSI operates at the intersection of innovative technology solutions, uncompromising service and decades of experience. From digital transformation and regulatory compliance in banking to network security and sanctions screening in regulated industries, we are the experts behind today’s top fintech and regtech solutions.

A Service-First Technology Partner

As a leading fintech and regtech provider, we champion authentic, long-lasting partnerships that drive financial institutions and other businesses forward.

What We Do

Enterprise Banking

With more than 57 years’ experience as a leader in core bank processing, CSI’s enterprise banking solutions empower institutions to grow assets and reach new customers by integrating the latest digital technologies. CSI’s cloud-based core banking platform delivers a seamless mix of innovative, flexible and secure technologies that allow institutions to focus on the business of banking—while gaining a genuine partnership and industry-leading customer service.

Regulatory Compliance

Thousands of businesses worldwide trust CSI as their compliance partner, relying on us for our advanced compliance software and expert service. CSI’s regulatory compliance solutions help protect the integrity of businesses in regulated industries and ensure compliance with current federal regulations, including OFAC, GLBA, USA PATRIOT Act and more.

Managed Cybersecurity

With CSI’s managed cybersecurity solutions, organizations stay one step ahead of cyber threats. CSI offers cloud-based cybersecurity services tailored to an institution’s unique needs, with 24/7 monitoring, real-time incident remediation, seamless compliance integration and industry-leading support for enhanced threat mitigation.

IT Management

As one of the largest, most trusted managed services providers in the country, we take a consultative approach to your organization’s IT management. Our experts deliver a winning combination of tailored solutions and expert advice that supplies your organization with a scalable, efficient IT enterprise that supports your growth and regulatory needs.

Document Distribution

From digital document delivery to cost-efficient print and mail services, CSI provides a full range of document distribution solutions to help financial institutions stay connected with their customers. CSI’s multi-channel services simplify access to statements and notices, reduce costs, provide quality assurance, shorten delivery times and enable new cross-marketing opportunities—all while defending against loss or theft of customer data using the latest security protections.

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