Blog  |  May 17, 2018

Get the Most from Your Employee Intranet

How does your organization motivate and engage employees? In today’s fast-paced world of business, internal communication can’t be a one-way street. Employee intranet solutions are an incredible productivity booster for businesses; they simplify document sharing to reduce paper trails, centralize communication and foster enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Today, however, employee intranet tools have the ability to do much more, and many businesses utilizing outdated solutions—or those that don’t use them at all—might be unaware of the benefits that newer intranet portals provide.

This begs the question: is your business getting the most from your employee intranet? Read our list below to find out.


Primarily, your employee intranet portal should provide information about—well—employees. Simply tracking down employee information shouldn’t be a stressful process; instead, your employees should be able to find phone numbers, emails and office locations for everyone in your organization through your company’s intranet. And you can go even deeper with solutions that sync calendar data and provide an employee directory that shows job title, job history within the company and any certifications or training the employee has earned.

Storing this company-wide information in an accessible repository also reduces the amount of emails, faxes and paper files that can clutter your business, creating a more productive work environment for employees.

Further, your employee intranet solution should incorporate a simple design. This enhances the user experience, which encourages employees to utilize your solution above other methods (email, fax, etc.)

Communication Automation

Automation is often a byproduct of technological innovation. Businesses use automation for many functions, and your employee intranet should be no different. An effective employee intranet offers your staff productivity tools that assign, manage and track workflows and daily tasks such as IT tickets or customer service requests.


Concerns surrounding cybersecurity are on the rise, and for good reason. Various types of cybersecurity threats compromise the integrity of your organization’s documents and customer information. Ensure that your intranet solution is secure, and utilizes security features that integrate with your email server, so employees can access encrypted emails and any attachments when sharing sensitive information.

Access from Anywhere

Of course, no modern intranet tool would be complete without mobile capabilities. Employees use mobile devices daily, and your intranet solution should provide them with secure access to documents and internal communications from the convenience of their preferred mobile devices.

For businesses with remote employees, this function is even more critical. Remote access to vital documents opens communication between your in-office and out-of-office employees, promoting increased collaboration.

HR Functions

An employee intranet portal is more than a communication tool for businesses—it also can supply essential HR functions. Businesses should use a solution that has the ability to track timekeeping for employees and managers; a useful function that stores and records work time and keeps track of vacation time, sick days, etc. Further, timekeeping should integrate directly into your payroll platform, decreasing the amount of hands-on work required by HR professionals.

An employee intranet solution—used to its fullest—consolidates internal company communications, increases collaboration and productivity for your employees, and saves time through automation. Ensure that you are getting the most from your employee intranet to optimize productivity for your business.


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