Digital Account Opening

Looking for a simple and secure online account opening solution?

The success of today’s top institutions is measured by their digital experience. Our core-integrated digital account opening solution allows your customers to securely create new bank accounts from their favorite devices.

Our Integrated Digital Account Opening Solution

Your customers demand a superior digital experience on all their favorite devices. So, when it comes to customer acquisition and onboarding, your bank must provide the seamless online account opening experience they expect. CSI’s digital account opening solution helps your customers open checking, savings and other accounts from any mobile or desktop device with ease.


Fast, Simple Navigation
Fast, Simple Navigation

Instant Online Account Access
Instant Online Account Access

Save and Resume Feature to Deter Abandonment
Save and Resume Feature to Deter Abandonment

Secure, Real-Time Identity Verification and Compliance Check
Secure, Real-Time Identity Verification and Compliance Check

CSI’s Digital Account Opening in Action

Utilizing a core-integrated online account opening system extends your bank’s digital footprint and boosts your revenue by allowing new and existing customers to open a bank account anytime, anywhere. Our technology caters to your institution’s digital strategy, creating a solid, efficient and easy-to-use digital account opening process that:

  • Boosts your bank’s digital footprint by promoting your brand and products to customers outside your branches’ physical area
  • Educates customers on your products and services
  • Significantly boosts adoption rates
  • Reduces the cost of other, more manual channels

CSI recognizes the direction of the industry and talks about helping banks capitalize on the digital revolution. The key to success for any bank is working with a provider that has both a commitment to service and a vision for the future—and we have that with CSI.

Jeff May
Banterra Bank

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