CSI Loan Marketplace

Looking to optimize your loan portfolio?

CSI Loan Marketplace, powered by Community Capital Technology, allows your financial institution to deploy excess liquidity, diversify your loan portfolio and maximize your earning capacity.

Optimize Your Loan Portfolio

CSI Loan Marketplace enables financial institutions to access a highly-liquid, nationwide marketplace for evaluating, buying and selling loans of any type. This seamless digital exchange helps regional and community financial institutions overcome inefficient procedures, rebalance their portfolios and optimally align with their target relationship profiles.


Expanded Access to Deal Flow
Expanded Access to Deal Flow
Broader Geographic and Industry Reach
Broader Geographic and Industry Reach
Built-In Benchmarking and Analytics Tools
Built-In Benchmarking and Analytics Tools
Easy Onboarding in Under 24 Hours
Easy Onboarding in Under 24 Hours

Grow Your Lending Network

CSI Loan Marketplace connects regional and community financial institutions, providing access to additional third-party originators and investors across the United States. The marketplace empowers its members to:

  • Expand transaction pipelines and sourcing channels without brokers or minimum purchase requirements
  • Build a broader, more consistent sourcing network of loan sellers and originators
  • Optimize quality and price by selecting from a large, diverse volume of deal flows across multiple partner sources
  • Monitor their financial institution’s performance against peers, with interactive visualizations of current call report information for all FDIC- and NCUA-regulated institutions


Digital Loan Transaction Platform

By shifting once manual processes to a digital loan transaction platform, CSI Loan Marketplace also enables members to:

  • Consistently manage loan transactions through one team, using a manageable and auditable workflow that creates a faster, more efficient execution process
  • Optimize decision making with actionable data insights through built-in benchmarking and analytics tools
  • Simplify portfolio management using a single, secure online platform to input, approve, review and track the status of every loan
  • Customize buying preferences and establish preferred loan types, so that only desired recommendations appear
  • Retain anonymity as a seller or buyer until the non-binding bid is accepted
  • Decrease internal resource demandsby managing the transaction process through a single point rather than multiple parties across the institution


CSI provides an exceptional core banking system that is much better and easier to use than at other banks I have worked. The systems integrate well and are very intuitive.

Jeff Welch
Settlers Bank
Senior Vice President

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