Loan Risk Management

Ready to take charge of your lending portfolio?

Our loan risk management systems help you identify, track and correct the problem areas of your lending portfolio, giving you time back to focus on expanding your business and increasing profits.

Loan Risk Management Software

Lending is the core of your institution’s revenue, and managing your risk is critical to preventing losses and ensuring the health of your loan portfolio. CSI’s risk management system helps you discover and analyze problems in your portfolio, communicate them to your team and correct them in a timely manner.


Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows
At-a-Glance View of Loan Accounts
At-a-Glance View of Loan Accounts
Automatic & Personalized Account Sorting
Automatic & Personalized Account Sorting
Customer Contact Letter Generation
Customer Contact Letter Generation

Save Time and Money with Better Loan Risk Management

CSI’s loan risk management system gives you the tools to protect the integrity of your bank’s assets, with easy-to-use software packed with time-saving features. Our solution provides:

  • Automated account sorting with custom filters and search functionality
  • Full view of loan accounts at-a-glance, including time delinquent, current balance and contact information
  • Action item tracking with date and time stamps
  • Automated workflows to improve efficiency
  • Customer contact letter generation
  • Memos and comments on customer accounts for better internal communication


Collateral Valuation System

Competition, cost pressures and advancements in technology obligate financial institutions to streamline their appraisal and evaluation processes. CSI’s collateral valuation system helps you optimize your workflow, maximize returns and minimize risk, keeping your institution competitive in a critical area of your business. Our solution allows you to:

  • View collateral data at-a-glance by note, customer and across loans
  • Use customized collateral types and descriptions
  • Examine collateral concentrations and determine how fluctuations in value can affect the bank’s exposure
  • Print collateral listings for site visits
  • Track loan-to-value ratios
  • Flag loans that are out of compliance


CSI provides an exceptional core banking system that is much better and easier to use than at other banks I have worked. The systems integrate well and are very intuitive.

Jeff Welch
Settlers Bank
Senior Vice President

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