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Streamline Your Item Processing

In today’s banking environment, efficiency is paramount as your bank serves its customers. Leveraging easy-to-use tools with robust functionality to process transactions helps you stay competitive.

CSI POD+ is a user-friendly cloud-hosted item processing solution that increases processing efficiencies, security and accessibility.

Why Embrace Next-Generation Item Processing?

Traditional item processing often leads to limited capabilities and longer update processes. With our platform, you can effectively manage every step of processing in one place. CSI POD+ delivers a modern user experience with intuitive navigation, providing your institution with a variety of benefits.

  • Ease of use: View all files needing to be processed in one centralized location.
  • Lower costs: Eliminate the need to budget for server costs, “on-prem” storage or associated maintenance.
  • Cloud integration: Leverage the benefits of a cloud-integrated SaaS solution, including easier accessibility and enhanced security measures.
  • Simplified updates: Receive updates more efficiently due to the web-based nature of CSI POD+.

Increase Efficiencies with CSI POD+

CSI POD+ makes processing transactions more efficient and provides a user-friendly experience while reducing your overall costs with features such as:

  • Exchange Track Monitor: Approve all X937 files imported for processing.
  • Status Monitor: Once files are approved, you can use Status Monitor to repair and balance all X937 files, as well as review duplicated, create cash letters and post files to your core.
  • Image Research: Use lookup and printing feature to research customer inquiries, account irregularities and verify transactions. Leverage a variety of search filters to quickly and efficiently find items that have come into POD+ and see the image and batch information for these items.
  • Cash Letter Generation: Create forward and return Cash Letter files for your correspondent and view each Forward and Return Cash Letter file created by your institution within the CashLetter Monitor.
  • Exception Item Returns (EIP): Return on-us checks to the bank of first deposit or the processing institution’s depositor by producing X937 return image cash letter files and render IRDs to return image to the depositor.
  • Return Item Processing (RIP): Managed the check returns process by uploading standard return files and facilitate how individual items are addressed. Make chargeback or redeposit decisions, produce X937 forward collection image cash letter files for re-presentment items and render chargeback notices and IRD for charging back items that are presentable.

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