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Want to provide exceptional service, even outside of normal work hours?

With our outsourced customer service solution for NuPoint, our call center experts act as your first customer touchpoint, addressing immediate needs and giving you the details to better address more complex issues.

CSI Call Center

When your bank faces increased call volumes or staffing challenges, you don’t have to tackle customer service alone. With CSI Call Center, CSI Fintexperts® answer calls on your behalf, giving customers and prospects the attention they deserve even when you can’t.

Ultimately, this outsourced call center helps you maintain exceptional service and enables your team to focus on higher-impact demands or cross-sale opportunities. It also uses a CRM-integrated workflow, so you’re in the loop and able to step in as needed.

Industry, Technology, and Customer Service Expertise
Industry, Technology, and Customer Service Expertise
“White Label” Customer Service
“White Label” Customer Service
Flexible Customer Service Support Options
Flexible Customer Service Support Options
Convenient Transcriptions and Reporting
Convenient Transcriptions and Reporting

Deploy a Team of Outsourced Customer Service Experts

As in-branch visits decrease, call volumes increase. Fortunately, our Fintexperts understand your operations, the industry and technology topics like digital banking, payments and personal banking. CSI Call Center helps you maintain a consistently high standard of service by commissioning them to act as a first customer touchpoint.

In addition to eliminating the need for more staff or automated responses, you can rely on our experts to assist your customers with issues like:

  • Checking balance and account activity information
  • Addressing possible fraudulent activity
  • Enrolling or logging into digital banking
  • Managing cards, statements, mobile deposits or cash
  • Navigating digital banking
  • Researching approved and denied transactions

Maintain Top-Level Customer Service on Your Terms

While our call center experts act as an initial customer service concierge, our CRM contact workflow ensures accurate transcriptions and reporting for all customer contact. If your customers’ concerns remain unresolved after speaking with the CSI Call Center, our knowledgeable personnel will equip you with detailed documentation to step in.

You can also select the level of support that works for you:

  • After Hours
  • Daytime Hours
  • Fully Outsourced

No matter the level you choose, you can trust CSI’s Fintexperts to solve customer issues on your behalf or provide you the tools to do so.

Working with CSI has allowed us to grow significantly without the addition of more overhead. Five years ago we were a $50 million bank, and today we are a $130 million bank—and I have less staff now than I did then.

Royce Clay
City National Bank of Colorado City
President and CEO

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