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Foster and Monetize Small Business Relationships

For small businesses, maintaining a steady cash flow is non-negotiable. Autobooks provides financial institutions with easy access to market-ready payment acceptance tools, finely tuned for small businesses. Through seamless integration with CSI’s digital banking platform, Autobooks enables business owners to send digital invoices, accept contactless in-person payments, facilitate online transactions and automate bookkeeping tasks directly through their financial institution. This solution places your small business customers in control, while transforming your institution’s channels into daily business destinations to solidify customer loyalty, drive increased deposits and generate additional non-interest income.

Simplify Online Payment Acceptance for Small Businesses

As customer preferences shift to new forms of digital payments, small businesses must find more efficient ways to process payments while still managing their critical cash flow. Autobooks helps your customers unify their payment experience by leveraging:

Digital Invoices

Small businesses can send digital invoices via email, enabling their customers to pay them online. Business owners can also set up automated recurring invoices, reminders and late fees. Each invoice includes your financial institution’s logo.

Online Payment Links

Business owners can accept payments in-person or over the phone, and share secure payment links via text or QR code. All funds converge into one easily traceable location: their checking account held at your financial institution.

In-Person, Contactless Payments

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, your customers can accept various in-person, contactless payments, from physical cards to digital wallets like Apple Pay. Funds are directly deposited into their account with your financial institution. No extra terminals or hardware are needed.

The Benefits of Autobooks

By providing the tools that small business must otherwise obtain from third-party providers, Autobooks enables:

  • Increased Deposits: Deposits and transactions flow through your institution rather than being stored in non-bank accounts or processed through an external business debit card or virtual wallet.
  • Seamless Integration: Autobooks differentiates your institution from the competition by offering your small business customers tools that integrate into your existing digital banking channels.
  • Non-Interest Fee Income: When businesses accept payments, your institution receives part of the interchange fee.
  • Self-Service Enrollment and Support: Autobooks enrollment is entirely online and only takes minutes for the business owner to complete. Once the business enrolls, the Autobooks team provides support.
  • Effortless Performance Tracking: Leverage Autobooks Hub, your centralized, bank-focused reporting hub, for daily insight into your business customers’ financial activities. Monitor Autobooks performance, track frontline banker referrals and facilitate customer enrollments on this dedicated online platform.

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