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Online and Mobile Banking

Want access to tomorrow’s digital banking technologies today?

Technology moves fast, but so do we. Our innovative and integrated online banking solutions and mobile banking app are designed to deliver a digital experience that wows your customers and keeps them connected on any device, anywhere.

Digital Banking From Customers’ Preferred Devices

The battle over new customers in today’s financial sector is won and lost on the screens of their favorite devices. Stay ahead of the curve and the competition with CSI’s mobile and online banking technology. Our digital banking platform is fully integrated into our core solution, allowing you and your customers to stay connected at any time, on any device.


Secure, Easy-to-Use Interface
Secure, Easy-to-Use Interface

Real-Time Transfers and Access to Digital Statements
Real-Time Transfers and Access to Digital Statements

Digital Account Opening and P2P Payment Integrations
Digital Account Opening and P2P Payment Integrations

Mobile Check Deposit
Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking technology puts your bank in the palms of your customers’ hands—no matter where they are. CSI’s mobile banking platform provides convenience and 24/7 access that builds meaningful relationships with your retail and commercial customers—all on their preferred mobile devices. Integrated with CSI’s core banking platform, our mobile banking app gives your bank access to a customizable, user-friendly suite of features. Our app is compatible with multiple devices and simplifies banking for your customers by allowing them to:

  • Utilize improved biometrics for enhanced security
  • Transfer funds between accounts in real time
  • Transfer money to friends or family instantly through P2P payments
  • View interactive digital bank statements
  • Deposit checks through mobile device capture
  • View all account and transaction histories
  • Manage accounts and set personal financial goals
  • Name debit cards for easy identification and turn cards on or off if lost or stolen
  • Track real-time card activity and set financial alerts
  • Bank on Apple and Android wearables

Business Banking App

Today’s business owners need access to business banking capabilities on the go. With CSI’s business banking app, your bank is empowered to expand your commercial portfolio by offering small business owners the ability to take their banking with them. Our business banking app brings commercial functionality to our already stacked mobile app with:

  • Mobile approvals to manage ACH, wires and tax payments
  • Full wire creation and editing
  • Full Positive Pay functionality
  • Ability to control the entitlements and permissions of sub-users and management of company details
  • Multi-check deposit

Online Banking Solutions

Your customers expect 24/7 access to your bank. Meet those expectations by offering CSI’s online banking solutions. Our Internet banking solutions provide interactive, industry-leading services that make online banking a breeze for you and your customers, and allow you to build and maintain a strong digital presence.

CSI’s online banking services drive revenue through a fully integrated set of tools designed to optimize how your retail and business customers interact with their finances and your bank online. Using our online banking technology, your customers get:

  • An integrated online bill pay platform
  • Convenient eStatements that save on paper costs
  • Customizable loan payment options for multiple payment types
  • ACH transfers to streamline origination and transactions while managing risk
  • Funds management to capitalize on excess funds in investment accounts
  • Positive pay to protect commercial customers from financial loss due to check fraud
  • Fraud anomaly detection to monitor fraudulent money movement

Personal Financial Management Banking Tools

Your customers want your bank to help them reach their financial goals. Empower them to achieve life’s milestones with CSI’s personal financial management (PFM) software. Integrated with CSI’s mobile banking app and online banking solutions, our PFM software encourages responsible spending and saving habits by visualizing and organizing your customers’ financial data, allowing them to:

  • Improve financial behavior by setting and managing budgets
  • Track their expenses and goal progress
  • Visualize their financial health at any given time
  • Automate personal notifications to manage overspending

How Do Mobile and Online Banking Services Benefit Your Bank?

CSI’s mobile banking app and online banking platform offer the most relevant, up-to-date digital banking technology that benefits your bank through:

  • Enhanced customer loyalty and account retention
  • Improved market share, mobile adoption and transaction volume
  • Instant customer access via self-registration options
  • Increased revenue generation via marketing campaigns

We have always tried to be on the cutting edge with technology and products, and CSI has always helped us accomplish this goal. CSI’s solutions help us compete on the same level as bigger banks but offer customer service that’s great.

Wayne Garrett
Legence Bank, Executive Vice President of Operations

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