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AML Transaction Monitoring

Looking for AML transaction monitoring software that can identify fraud in real time?

Our automated AML transaction monitoring software unifies disparate data and leverages machine learning and risk-profiling to help your organization detect and mitigate money laundering, terrorist financing and other fraudulent activities.

Why Update Your AML Compliance Program?

There’s no way around it: fighting financial crime today is complicated. Money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other schemes have increased in sophistication and frequency in a digital-first ecosystem and regulators continue to crack down on anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs that don’t address these growing trends. Organizations that don’t modernize their AML transaction monitoring tools and systems run the risk of reputational loss, monetary fines and even executive legal liability. But modernizing AML compliance doesn’t require excess time, human capital or funding: it requires a smarter transaction monitoring solution.

WatchDOG AML’s Transaction Monitoring Software

Stay one step ahead of money laundering schemes and control your organization’s AML risk with WatchDOG AML. WatchDOG AML’s modern approach to transaction monitoring software leverages the power of machine learning and adaptive behavioral analytics to create a complete picture of customer relationships, monitor transactions in real time and accurately predict financial crime risk.


Real-time, Automated and Retroactive Screening
Holistic, real-time transaction monitoring
Dow Jones Watch Lists for Increased Risk Monitoring
Self-learning AI models
Centralized, Accessible Records
Prioritized alerts for investigators
API Plug-Ins to Native Case Management Systems
Bank-grade, governance tested system

Modernize Your AML Transaction Monitoring with WatchDOG AML

WatchDOG AML is a fully automated transaction monitoring system that uses industry-leading technology to supercharge your AML compliance program. WatchDOG AML monitors transactions in real-time, using customer data to measure risk while minimizing false positives and prioritizing alerts that enable investigators to focus on the alerts that matter most.

Using our AML transaction monitoring software, you can:

  • Profile Behavior, Prioritize Alerts and Predict Future AML Threats: WatchDOG AML leverages a centralized AML risk hub, consolidating customer data to produce behavioral profiles and a complete customer picture that reduces the risk of bad actors returning and/or creating incomplete filings.
  • Leverage Machine Learning that Makes AML Monitoring “Smarter”: Does your AML monitoring solution get smarter as you use it? Using the power of machine learning, adaptive behavioral analytics and learning rules, our transaction monitoring software “learns” your definition of false positives and true positives, improving the system over time and allowing it to adapt to new risks.
  • Unify and Integrate Disparate AML Data: WatchDOG AML uses an exclusive integration service that unifies customer transaction and informational data from disparate systems. This data unification means you can expect simpler, more complete integrations—even from existing case management systems and third-party products.
  • Reduce Manual AML Transaction Monitoring: The age of endless AML spreadsheets are past. WatchDOG AML minimizes the work of your investigators by consolidating multiple pipelines of disparate systems and customer data, providing a holistic picture of the customer without the manual work. And through the reduction of false positives and prioritized alerts, investigators can focus their energy on true matches that meet the organization’s risk appetite.

An AML Software Provider that Understands Risk

As a leading AML software provider, we understand the threat of money laundering and the speed at which fraud tactics evolve. That’s why our transaction monitoring solution allows you to customize risk profiles that work for your organization. Taking a risk-based approach to AML compliance is the best method to remain efficient in a digital-first world. And as your AML compliance partner, we provide the technology, best practices and support you need to create a risk-based AML program that allows you to thrive.

Between the people, the service they provide, the products and the pricing, CSI has been an excellent technology partner that has never let us down.

Sidney Long
First Texas Data, Inc., Senior Vice President

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