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Our cybersecurity monitoring solutions—including our SIEM services, firewall and endpoint protection and managed incident response from our team of cybersecurity professionals—strengthen your network security and keep you safe from cyber threats.

Advanced Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity risks to financial institutions continue to rise, both in volume and sophistication. IT security managers need complete visibility of all their network areas, including cloud-based systems and IT infrastructure, in order to meet enhanced regulatory controls. Our full suite of cybersecurity monitoring tools provides your institution with around-the-clock protection to enhance your cyber hygiene.


SIEM as a Service with Managed Incident Response
SIEM as a Service with Managed Incident Response
24/7 SOC Service
24/7 SOC Service
Protection from Malware, DDoS, Ransomware and other Cyber Threats
Protection from Malware, DDoS, Ransomware and other Cyber Threats
Compliance with Financial Industry Regulations
Compliance with Financial Industry Regulations

Our Cybersecurity Monitoring Solutions

Managing and monitoring your institution’s network security is both time consuming and expensive. Our robust suite of cybersecurity monitoring services protect, detect and respond to internal and external threats while supporting your institution’s cybersecurity compliance framework. Our 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring with alert escalation is designed with financial institutions in mind, and offers these tools:

Receive Advanced Incident Response from our SIEM Service

Our Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system helps provide unmatched insight and control of IT security. CSI’s SIEM as a service is powered by our 24/7 SOC, allowing our team of experts to provide incident response to any network threats or vulnerabilities in real-time. Our SIEM services help monitor cyber threats using industry-leading:

  • Advanced malware threat protection
  • Retrospective security
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Anti-virus protection
  • URL link scanning and rewrite
  • Advanced email protection
  • Customized reports matched to the requirements of the FFIEC
  • Correlated log monitoring for all of your infrastructure and system devices

Why Choose Our Managed Cybersecurity Services?

Today’s cyber threats continue targeting financial institutions to access valuable customer and business data. Mitigate these threats with professional, time-tested cybersecurity monitoring tools like:

  • DDoS Protection Services: An effective DDoS attack can overwhelm any network. Our cybersecurity monitoring tools identify and mitigate DDoS attacks before they gain momentum.
  • Malware Protection: Our 24/7 SOC identifies malware threats to your network and provides timely and effective incident response to mitigate that risk.
  • Ransomware Detection: A managed ransomware service from our team of experts significantly decreases your institution’s risk of falling victim to this popular scheme.
  • Data Breach Prevention: Through the use of effective firewalls, endpoint protection and other network security tactics, our cybersecurity solutions ensure both your business and customer data remains secure.
  • Cybersecurity for Banks: Let us handle the regulators. Our cybersecurity monitoring solutions are constantly updated to meet strict financial industry regulations and enhance your institution’s cybersecurity compliance.

A Complete IT Security and IT Management Partner

CSI serves the financial industry as an IT solutions partner. Learn more about how your institution can combine our IT security and IT management services to maximize your partnership.

Between the people, the service they provide, the products and the pricing, CSI has been an excellent technology partner that has never let us down.

Sidney Long
First Texas Data, Inc., Senior Vice President

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