Managed Data Loss Prevention

Want to protect and secure your institution’s data from unauthorized sharing?

As risks of cyberattacks increase and regulatory requirements evolve, it’s crucial that institutions detect data policy violations the moment they occur. CSI Managed Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitors and manages your institution’s data to ensure around-the-clock protection.

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Institutions hold large amounts of valuable data and they must ensure it remains secure, which means preventing the data from leaving the network. CSI Managed DLP mitigates the risk of unauthorized data sharing by using pattern matching to identify sensitive information and applying policies that prevent data from leaving the system.

To prevent unauthorized data sharing, CSI Managed DLP monitors actions taken on sensitive information by defining and applying DLP policies, while providing you with reporting to help meet compliance requirements.


Active Data Monitoring
Active Data Monitoring
Policy Violation Alerts
Policy Violation Alerts
Compliance Reporting
Compliance Reporting
Integration with Monitoring Tools
Integration with Monitoring Tools

Why Choose CSI Managed Data Loss Prevention?

CSI Managed DLP is integrated with CSI’s security monitoring services, allowing your institution to receive alerts on policy violations—including data exfiltration or account compromise—as they occur and empowering real-time incident investigation.

As cloud-native software designed to protect data across your network, CSI Managed DLP prevents the accidental or intentional sharing of critical information by:

  • Identifying sensitive data and enforcing access policies in all locations where data is stored, including the cloud.
  • Providing regulatory focused reports of relevant policy configurations that articulate data management controls.
  • Delivering alerts related to policy violations and facilitating alert investigation to ensure compliance.
  • Enabling your institution to leverage CSI security experts for incident remediation.

Strengthen Data Protections with CSI Managed Data Loss Prevention

While some institutions purchase and implement DLP systems in-house, the software is often difficult to install, configure and maintain. CSI Managed DLP offers streamlined implementation requiring no installation of software on your system and less overhead on your endpoints.

CSI Managed DLP detects sensitive items using deep content analysis, not just a simple text scan. Beyond that, the system uses machine learning algorithms and other methods to detect content that matches your DLP policies.

CSI Managed DLP allows your organization to identify, monitor and automatically protect sensitive items across:

  • Microsoft 365 services, such as Teams, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Non-Microsoft cloud applications
  • On-premises file shares and on-premises SharePoint

Your Partner for Managed Cybersecurity

As a complete managed cybersecurity provider, we partner with institutions to provide a comprehensive set of cybersecurity monitoring solutions designed to deliver internal protections, defend your perimeter and safeguard your endpoint devices from current and future cyber threats.

I feel like we’re always covered with CSI. Instead of hiring one or two security people to actively monitor and patrol our systems, we rely on CSI to take care of everything. 

Nikki Byers
First United National (FUN) Bank
IT Specialist

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