Firewall Services

Looking to boost your network’s firewall defense?

Our managed firewall service and firewall review allow you to take stock of your organization’s network defenses to ensure you aren’t an easy target for cyber threats.

Why Are Firewalls Important for Business?

A firewall is one of the most basic, yet essential, cyber deterrents available to financial institutions and other businesses. Firewalls act as a gatekeeper for your network, protecting it from the outside global network by inspecting all inbound or outbound traffic and determining if it meets the criteria to pass through. Without a firewall to protect your network, any hacker could easily breach it and cause havoc. Our managed firewall service and firewall audit provide a concrete, 24/7 defense from cyber threats.


Firewall Audit
Firewall Audit
Managed Firewall Defense
Managed Firewall Defense
24/7 SOC Monitoring
24/7 SOC Monitoring
Incident Response
Incident Response

Our Managed Firewall Service

As your network’s first, and arguably most effective, line of defense against top cyber threats, having an experienced partner manage your institution’s firewall is critical. As an essential part of our robust suite of cybersecurity monitoring tools, our managed firewall service is monitored by our 24/7 SOC to ensure that any cyber threat to your network or devices is identified, addressed and mitigated through incident response.

Firewall Review

Since the FFIEC released its Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, there has been an increased level of scrutiny on financial institutions and other businesses to ensure appropriate firewall rules are in place. And now, financial institutions and other businesses are required to audit or verify firewall rules at least quarterly. CSI’s firewall audit helps ensure you meet and exceed regulator demands on firewall rules and security. Our team of regulatory compliance experts manually performs a customized firewall security audit, helping you to:

  • Review VPN configuration
  • Appraise management interfaces and access authentication
  • Evaluate Access Control Lists (ACLs) configuration and usage
  • Improve firewall access rules and security

At CSI, they anticipate what the next step will be in a hacker’s mind. They are my eyes and ears.

Leigh Pharr
First Landmark Bank
Senior Vice President of Administration

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