Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering

End-to-End FRAML Solutions

The threat of fraud and money laundering has long loomed over the business world. Evolving threats, combined with complex regulations, mean the risk of penalties is even greater in today’s climate — as is the need for integrated, full-coverage solutions. WatchDOG Fraud and WatchDOG AML combat these threats in real-time, giving your organization the tools needed to fight financial crime and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected from costly fines and penalties.


Real-Time Monitoring
False Positive Reduction
AI Pattern Reduction
Holistic View of Anti-Crime Posture

Looking for a Partner that Understands FRAML?

CSI brings decades of regtech expertise to your organization, combining solid experience with the latest in AI and machine learning to bolster your FRAML defenses. WatchDOG Fraud and WatchDOG AML — together with a tailor-made strategy from our team of Fintexperts — ease your compliance monitoring burden.

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