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Vulnerability Assessment

Want to find IT vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do?

Our comprehensive IT vulnerability assessment keeps your business compliant, and serves as the cornerstone of good cyber hygiene.

Our Vulnerability Scanning Tools

The routine monitoring of your network for vulnerabilities is a critical component of cybersecurity preparedness and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) compliance. Ensure that your business remains secure and passes your next GLBA compliance assessment with CSI’s vulnerability assessment software.


Internal Vulnerability Scanning
Internal Vulnerability Scanning
External Vulnerability Scanning
External Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

CSI’s network vulnerability assessment tool provides an affordable, remote internal vulnerability scan configured to meet GLBA compliance guidelines. Our easy-to-use scanning tool delivers an accurate internal vulnerability scan without disrupting your employees or procedures. Our internal vulnerability assessment will:

  • Scan your entire network, including all hardware and software
  • Conduct LAN sweeps
  • Perform internal vulnerability, patch management and port scanning
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations for securing your network

External Vulnerability Scanning

In addition to our internal systems vulnerability assessment, CSI offers external vulnerability scanning for your perimeter devices—those systems that everyone on the Internet can reach. Our remote vulnerability perimeter scan will:

  • Identify vulnerabilities that exist in your perimeter systems and applications
  • Uncover other common configuration weaknesses
  • Provide a report catered to executive-level leadership and/or IT staff

Enhance Your Vulnerability Assessment with Penetration Testing

Our vulnerability scanning services can be coupled with penetration testing and simulated social engineering testing from our team of ethical hackers to further identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and employee network.

In launching the program, the intelligent content embedded in the (CSI ERM) software saved me weeks, if not months, of research time.

Lorraine Brisell
Cornerstone Bank, President and CEO

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