Regulatory Compliance Software

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CSI WatchDOG® Policy Management Software for Banks

Bank policies and procedures aren’t static documents in a folder—they’re dynamic guidelines that articulate your approach to compliance, operations, risks and continuous improvement. Take an easier approach to your processes with CSI WatchDOG Elite Policies and Procedures software.

Our policy compliance software streamlines forms review, preparation and updates to ensure your financial institution meets the IT General Control standards for FFIEC and related regulatory compliance.

How Our Policy and Procedure Software Can Help

When it comes to managing a stringent compliance program, your policy and procedure software can lay the foundation for success. You need documentation that’s effective, clear and adaptable.

WatchDOG policy management software for banks helps:

  • Standardize the process and format for all policies and procedures
  • Simplify the policy-approval process with a built-in workflow
  • Ease the process to collect end-user policy acceptance
  • Reduce complexity with a single place to store and manage policies
  • Gain insight through in-depth reporting on policy approval and acceptance
  • Identify and track what users created and edited on specific policies

CSI’s policies and procedures software can simplify your processes, improving your compliance posture.

Our Certified Procedure Experts

Developing and maintaining effective IT policies and procedures requires time and attention. Need help? Our team of certified experts helps you develop a comprehensive program by:

  • Developing effective policies and procedures within 17 sections for each IT area, ranging from access controls, authentication and personnel security to incident response and change management administration
  • Adding your documents or tailoring the existing library to jump-start your efforts

Contact CSI Regulatory Compliance today to learn more about how our risk management software and certified experts combine technology and service to improve your processes.