Your bank or credit union information security management is a top priority at all times, both day and night. At CSI, we understand the banking information security threats you are up against every day. CSI’s Managed Security offers risk management through an integrated end-to-end platform to monitor, analyze and manage the security of your entire environment. With our managed security services, you can safeguard against sophisticated attacks, utilizing protection designed for financial institutions to exceed bank IT compliance.

With CSI Managed Security, you can capitalize on the following gains:

  • Rest easy with CSI’s industry experts and certified professionals monitoring your systems in real time 24x7.
  • Ensure your systems are patched, protected and monitored so that threats are prevented and mitigated.

Through our information security services, your bank information servers, applications, network and security devices are protected by:

  • 24x7 Correlated Log Monitoring & Management
  • 24x7 Threat Mitigation
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Content Filtering
  • Encryption
  • Endpoint Security
  • Host-intrusion Prevention Security
  • Secure Mobile Device Management
  • Phishing Detection and Takedowns

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