Safeguard against cyber threats.

Protect your institution around the clock and rest assured you’re always covered with real-time monitoring.

Stay safe from today’s top threats.

Defend your organization by creating a secure, compliant IT environment.

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24/7, end-to-end monitoring and mitigation

Detect and remediate security incidents throughout your entire IT environment—even as cybercriminals evolve their tactics and methods of exploitation. Ensure your systems are patched and protected with an integrated, advanced monitoring platform.

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Navigate the evolving technology and regulatory landscape

Maintain a secure IT infrastructure, mitigate risks and meet regulatory requirements. Partner with a provider who understands the strict regulations posed on the financial industry to streamline your compliance.

Explore strategies for mitigating risk

Protect your data in all locations—even the cloud

Strengthen your institution’s data protections and prevent unauthorized sharing by enforcing access policies. Apply specific policies to your sensitive information and enable real-time incident investigation.

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Ensure your systems, users and devices remain secure

Prevent breaches and block ransomware and other threats at the point of entry by rapidly identifying, containing and remediating threats.

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Proactively prepare to meet regulators’ expectations

Receive customized reports to streamline your preparedness for audits and exams.

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For what we’re paying CSI—we couldn’t hire someone for that price. This partnership has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years, and even if we hired more staff, we wouldn’t be able to have the 24×7 monitoring unless we paid someone to work overnight.

Miriam Neal
South Western Federal
Vice President of Information Systems
A Guide to Strengthening Your Institution's Cybersecurity Posture
White Paper

A Guide to Strengthening Your Institution’s Cybersecurity Posture

Uncover current cybersecurity threats in financial services and solutions to mitigate risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed cybersecurity services are delivered by an external provider, such as an MSP or MSSP. These services provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity by delivering internal protections, defending your perimeter and safeguarding your endpoint devices. This approach also provides your staff with alerts from industry experts and certified professionals for around-the-clock monitoring of your systems.

CSI’s cybersecurity monitoring tools provide visibility into your institution’s entire network and detect suspicious activity—including unusual login attempts, data exfiltration, malware and more—in real time. This allows our security team to efficiently respond and remediate threats.

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is a third party that delivers cybersecurity services to organizations, including outsourced monitoring and management of security systems, applications and devices. Many organizations choose to partner with an MSSP to supplement their internal staff and add another layer to the security defenses already in place. Partnering with an MSSP also allows an organization to take advantage of an MSSP’s existing security controls and shared technologies.

At its core, cybersecurity is the practice of keeping digital assets and data safe. This involves safeguarding against unauthorized account access, data theft and cyberattacks. Organizations—especially financial institutions—face cyber threats around the clock, so ensuring the security of networks, systems and applications is critical. A strong cybersecurity posture contributes to your organization’s reputational integrity.

Information technology (IT) security deals with protecting your organization from all threats, both internal and external. This includes safeguarding data and managing physical security. As a subset of IT security, cybersecurity focuses on digital threats and protecting your organization’s systems and devices from unauthorized access.

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