Regulatory Compliance

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Denied Party Screening from WatchDOG Elite

Sanctions screening poses a serious problem for businesses with customer databases spread across multiple departments. Without a unified, cohesive view of compliance across your organization, you run an increased risk of violations carrying hefty fines and penalties.

CSI’s WatchDOG® Elite integrates all of your customer data into a single denied party screening software, ensuring your organization or bank’s compliance with OFAC screening requirementsUSA PATRIOT Act regulations and other international watch lists

Advanced Global Sanctions Screening with WatchDOG Elite

Hosted on our WatchDOG Elite platform, CSI’s Web-based denied party screening services streamline and consolidate the watchlist screening process by combining an advanced search algorithm with the latest technology. That means fewer false positives for your staff to handle. 

CSI’s OFAC screening software from Regulatory Compliance also manages the burden of monitoring, gathering, cleansing and deploying list updates. Our solutions simplify operations with:

  • Real-time and retroactive screening integrated into existing payments and onboarding workflows, so you can screen by individuals, non-individuals, sanctioned country, type unknown or exact ID match
  • No disruptions to pending transactions and goods and services, which need immediate action; instead the system will create a notification, so you are aware of possible matches 
  • Seamless integration with existing systems to cross-check and verify possible matches and return feedback using division, name, address, city, country, state postal code, year of birth or birth-date range, assigned watch lists and potential threshold for risk
  • Translation and transliteration services that run in conjunction with the sanctions screening process for more than 17 languages, including all major European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Cyrillic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) 
  • WatchDOG® Elite’s Denied Party Screening Features Exact ID matching to check Social Security numbers against the Social Security Administration's Death Master File (DMF); and match National Provider Identifiers (NPI) against the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) registry without having to enter any other information, such as name or birth date
  • Enhanced due diligence reports, powered by Steele Global, combine Global Database Checks (GDC) and Open Source Investigations (OSI) to verify all company data for your highest-risk third parties

By providing a central system of record and a comprehensive review system—regardless of business function silos—CSI’s watch list screening solutions ensure consistent and sustainable processes around sanctions screening.

Exact ID Matching Services for Government Watch Lists

Regardless of your industry, you’re under strict federal watch list requirements to ensure all transactions and business relationships are vetted, assessed for risk and profiled against internal risk appetites.

To remain compliant with OFAC’s SDN List, PEP sanctions and other U.S. government and international restricted party watch lists and sanctions checks, CSI’s WatchDOG Elite application leverages several denied party screening services to meet the unique needs of your industry and business:  

  • OFAC Screening
    Mandated by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), CSI’s OFAC screening software eliminates manual, in-house processes by automating sanctions screening of the names of persons and other parties with whom you do business against the constantly changing OFAC SDN List. 
  • Outsourced Watch List Screening
    With outsourced watch list services, CSI's experienced compliance analyst team reviews potential matches with OFAC’s SDN List and other lists, so you don't have to.
  • PEP Sanctions Screening
    CSI PEP list screening is powered through the Dow Jones Watchlist. Utilizing its flexible data format; granular, targeted categorization of PEP profiles and thorough application of secondary identifiers, this PEP screening tool helps you better comply with KYC regulations.
  • Watch List Check for Salesforce
    When you use Salesforce, all of your key account information is stored in the cloud. CSI's Watch List Check for Salesforce ensures compliance by screening accounts, contacts and leads as either a one-click, real-time screening check or a batch process at a schedule you define. This service is available on the Salesforce App Exchange.
  • Sanctions Screening Modules
    CSI’s WatchDOG application leverages several modules that save time by organizing your International ACH Transaction (IAT) file. You can also schedule customized data scanning based on your needs and maintain proper organizational controls of your denied party screening processes for audit and reporting purposes.

  • RESTful API for Due Diligence
    Reduce the amount of repeat matches with a RESTful API, which allows you to leverage the power of CSI’s Good Customer List (GCL), Blocked Customer List (BCL) and Reviewed functionality within your own case management system.

See WatchDOG Elite in Action 

Whether compliance demands are putting stress on your staff or you’re simply looking for a better way to manage evolving regulatory requirements, CSI’s compliance software for sanctions screening lists expedites, simplifies and unifies internal compliance.

Do you want to see WatchDOG Elite in action? Check out our Feature Spotlights below to learn how you can get the most out of WatchDOG, making your watch list screening process more efficient and effective. Fill out this online form, and we will reach out with assistance.