Regulatory Compliance

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Watch List Screening Solutions

With CSI’s denied party screening software, WatchDOG® Elite, ensuring compliance with OFAC regulations for banks, USA PATRIOT Act compliance rules and other U.S. international watch lists can be both cost effective and comprehensive. 

WatchDOG Elite is a Web-based restricted party watchlist screening solution that combines an advanced search algorithm with the latest technology, meaning fewer false positives for your staff to handle. CSI also manages the burden of monitoring, gathering, cleansing and deploying list updates.

Why Choose CSI WatchDOG Elite Software?  

Whether integrated in your Web services or routed through your Web browser, you have the flexibility to manually input and review matches or upload files and audit entire files simultaneously.

When you choose CSI WatchDOG, you can:

  • Automate sanctions screening for customer lists, business partners and other databases against OFAC's SDN List
  • Check other U.S. government and international restricted party lists at the same time that OFAC's SDN list is checked
  • Use matching and disqualification techniques to achieve the most accurate matches possible, while minimizing the number of false positives
  • Integrate an OFAC SDN List search into your existing applications and compliance processes using Web services and automated batch file processing
  • Run in a managed hosting facility (SaaS), eliminating hardware investment and facilitating fast deployment, minimal IT involvement and reduced support needs
  • Provide detailed reports for compliance, tracking and auditing purposes
  • Match Social Security Numbers (SSN) against the Social Security Administration's Death Master File (DMF)
  • Match National Provider Identifiers (NPI) against the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) registry without having to enter any other information, such as names or birth dates 

WatchDOG Elite Watchlist Screening Modules

CSI’s WatchDOG restricted party watch list screening software offers a variety of options to help meet your regulatory compliance needs:

  • WatchDOG Elite – IAT Module
    The International ACH Transaction (IAT) Module is an additional component that separates OFAC matching transactions in your IAT file then reassembles your IAT file with non-OFAC matches. Non-matching IATs continue in your process, allowing time for due diligence on the matching/suspect IAT transactions.
  • WatchDOG Elite – CDM Module
    The Customer Data Master (CDM) Module allows for automated data-scanning scheduling based on your compliance needs. For example, the CDM Module can automatically re-scan your databases whenever the OFAC SDN List is updated.
  • WatchDOG Elite – Controls and Response Module
    The Controls and Response Module fulfills compliance requirements to maintain proper organizational controls of your screening and due diligence processes by providing a reliable way to log, assign, track, investigate and resolve potential matches for audit and reporting purposes.

Additional Watch List Screening Solutions 

In addition to our suite of WatchDOG Elite solutions, CSI also offers these solutions:

  • Outsourced Watch List Services
    With Outsourced Watch List Services, CSI's experienced compliance analyst team reviews potential matches with OFAC’s SDN List and other lists so you don't have to.
  • Watch List Check for Salesforce
    When you use Salesforce, all of your key account information is stored in the cloud. CSI’s Watch List Check for Salesforce ensures compliance by screening accounts, contacts and leads as either a one-click, real-time screening check or a batch processing at a schedule you define. This service is available on Salesforce App Exchange.

Comply with OFAC regulations for banks and other watch lists to prevent fraud and illegal activity while protecting your business. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of WatchDOG sanction screening products and how they can expedite regulator demands.

See WatchDOG Elite in Action 

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