Regulatory Compliance

Identity Verification Software

Building and maintaining an effective customer identification program is essential to satisfying know your customer (KYC) regulatory requirements under the USA PATRIOT Act. But, managing the increased risk that comes with your company’s growing customer base—while maintaining KYC compliance and USA PATRIOT Act compliance—can be a major challenge.  

Instead of relying on manual processes, simplify and enhance your company’s compliance efforts with CSI’s automated WatchDOG® customer identification program (CIP) software. Our identity verification services integrate directly into your current operating system, allowing you to validate customers’ identifiable information against public databases and national consumer reporting agency files.

Why Choose CSI’s Identity Verification Solutions? 

Whether you’re an insurance companymoney services business or in any other industry, CSI’s identity verification tools help your business solve internal bandwidth challenges and better manage scale and volume with real-time application program interface capability. 

As a leading KYC vendor, CSI’s goal is to simplify compliance for banks and businesses. If your company faces USA PATRIOT Act regulations, WatchDOG CIP can help you better manage volume while ensuring you’re at the peak of compliance. Our identity verification service offers: 

  • Scalable screening capabilities
  • Robust customer risk profiling
  • Integrated offerings to reduce your efforts and costs
  • Real-time compliance capabilities
  • Ongoing risk profiling with alerts
  • Proactive predictions of potential impacts on your business operations
  • Senior-level support from our team of compliance experts

Meet Your KYC and Red Flags Rule Requirements 

Acquiring new customers is one of the key factors in growing your business. WatchDOG CIP makes the process of customer identity verification simple and cost effective.

As Red Flags Rules service providers, our certified consultants help you meet regulatory requirements under the USA PATRIOT Act Identity Theft Prevention Program for Red Flags Rules and support KYC compliance for banks. 

Our identity verification services: 

  • Meet KYC regulations by checking customer information against the latest OFAC lists
  • Verify that customers’ SSNs are not listed on the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File
  • Authenticate all key customer information against public databases and the national consumer reporting agency
  • Reduce costs associated with identity theft prevention
  • Limit your risk by enhancing your prevention tactics and scoring the validity of the consumer data

Build a Stronger CIP Compliance Program

To help you mitigate compliance and strategic risk across your entire enterprise, CSI leverages robust customer risk profiling that helps meet KYC requirements. Whether your customers are local or global, our identity verification tool offers ongoing risk profiling with alerts and customer profiles that monitor and predict potential impacts to your business operations—keeping auditors happy.

Understanding your customers is the foundation of a successful CIP compliance program. Complete our online form today to learn more about how CSI can create consistent customer due diligence processes and risk assessments for your institution.