Identity Verification Solutions
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ID Verification

How is your business satisfying KYC/AML requirements? Does your customer due diligence process include individual, business, PEP screening and global capabilities? CSI simplifies the customer authentication process with our automated ID verification software.

As an element of your AML program, our identity verification software seamlessly integrates with your current operating systems and enables your business to meet KYC rules by validating customers’ personally identifiable information against public databases and national consumer reporting agency files.

Why Choose CSI’s ID Verification Service?

Whether you’re an insurance company, money services business or in any other industry, CSI’s identity verification tools help your business solve internal bandwidth challenges and better manage scale and volume with real-time application program interface capability. Our identity verification service offers:

  • Scalable screening capabilities
  • Integrated offerings to reduce customer efforts and costs
  • Lower risk alternatives that reduce customer risk profiles
  • Real-time compliance abilities

This service can be integrated into your existing compliance programs to ensure data and workflows are synced, empowering you to be proactive in a reactive environment. We are also a premium service provider, offering reliability and senior-level support for our customers.

Helping You Meet Know-Your-Customer Rule Guidance

To help customers mitigate compliance and strategic risk across their entire enterprise, CSI leverages robust customer risk profiling to meet KYC requirements. By creating consistent customer due diligence processes and workflows across analyst teams, CSI helps provide a framework for customer risk assessment.

Whether your customers are local or global, our identity verification tool offers ongoing risk profiling with alerts and aggregate customer profiles that monitor and predict potential impact to your business operations—keeping auditors happy and at bay.