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My Credit Manager

Credit Scoring, Reporting and Analysis

My Credit Manager is a fully integrated financial wellness solution that empowers customers to manage credit, protect identity and pursue financial goals. Through collaboration with Array, this feature gives your customers comprehensive insight into their financial well-being and how their behavior affects their overall credit. It also offers identity protection and restoration, keeping your customers confident and protected.

Key Features

Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Score: Customers can review their credit score and how it changes over time in an intuitive dashboard that draws from one or more credit bureaus.
  • Credit Report: With 24/7 credit report access, customers can keep track of inquiries, open lines of credit and more.
360-Degree Financial View
  • Debt Analysis: Let customers view and manage all debt in one location through your digital banking solution.
  • Change Alerts: Enable customer notifications for credit score or report changes, so they always have accurate information.
Financial Wellness Education
  • Credit Simulator: Show customers how their score is affected by certain actions, such as opening a new credit card or taking out a loan.
  • Credit Education: Help customers learn how to manage their credit score and keep it in good standing.


Stay at the Center of Your Customers’ Financial Wellness Lives

Deepen customer engagement by serving as a trusted advisor at the center of their customers’ financial health.

Provide Complete Credit Literacy

Assist customers on their journey to financial health by providing the right features, customized to their needs.

Drive Revenue Through Targeted Product Offers

Offer targeted product recommendations informed by customer data.

Maintain Security with Identity Protection

Provide identity protection to safeguard your users’ personal information or upgrade to offer restoration services and insurance in the event of identity theft.