Digital Invoices, Payment Acceptance, Accounting and Bookkeeping

Small businesses and nonprofits need a frictionless customer payments experience. Autobooks empowers them to send digital invoices, accept online payments and automate bookkeeping tasks through CSI’s digital banking platform. This integrated solution streamlines cash flow management, providing your small business customers the speed and convenience that differentiates your institution from traditional and emerging competitors.

Key Features

Digital Invoice Issuance
  • Faster Payment Reception: Issue professional digital invoices, enabling business customers to pay online.
  • Brand Consistency: Customize invoices to include your institution’s logo, as well as the business’s brand, color and custom messages.
  • Invoice Delivery Options: Send a standalone link through email, SMS and more.
  • Advanced Rules: Create automated recurring invoices, reminders and late fees.
Payments Acceptance
  • Easy Payment: Business owners can share their secure, online payment form with customers through a convenient “Pay Now” button.
  • Email Access: Business customers can receive invoice links to their email to view and pay.
  • Standard Processing Fees: Business owners will know upfront what they will pay to accept customer payments.
  • Payment Flexibility: Consumers can pay using any major card, including American Express®, or by ACH bank transfer.
  • Connection with Your Institution: Funds enter the business’s checking account directly within two business days, never entering outside systems.
Automated Accounting
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting: SMB customers can automate bookkeeping entries and access financial reports from your digital banking platform.
  • Straightforward Software: Business customers can track balance sheets from your digital banking platform, eliminating spreadsheets and complicated third-party software.
  • Cash Flow Visualization: Business customers can anticipate cash flow with a snapshot of incoming, coming due and past due customer payments.
  • Central Transaction Platform: Every transaction connected to the business checking account automatically syncs with the Autobooks platform.


  • Increased Deposits and Lending Opportunities
    Deposits and transactions flow through your institution rather than being stored in nonbank accounts or processed through an external business debit card or virtual wallet.
  • Non-Interest Fee Income
    When businesses accept payments, your institution receives part of the interchange rate.
  • Strengthened Relationship with SMBs
    Autobooks differentiates your institution from the competition by offering your small business customers tools that integrate into your digital banking channels.
  • Reduced Operational Expenses
    Autobooks enrollment is entirely online and only takes minutes for the business owner to complete. Once the business enrolls, the Autobooks team provides support.